An elegant, urban, food truck wedding in Brooklyn: Amy + Michael

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This wedding has DIY goodies that were literally planned a year in advance (take some tips, Cakelets!), and we’re so excited to share them with you! Amy + Michael have an immense respect for art, seek out great design and know how to throw a party in style. Thank goodness Oak Street Studio was there to capture it all!

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Can’t go wrong with a clean and modern graphic as your logo and applying it to a large flag, some Busy Beaver buttons, and anywhere else you can think of!

And, one of our new favorite parts of featuring such fantastic weddings – the music! As their recessional song Amy + Michael transitioned from the ceremony to their reception by walking to Lovely Day by Bill Withers (such a good song!).

Listen to it here:

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Each flower you see in this wedding was home grown – as in, literally planted by both families in the fall and harvested the week of the wedding (500 tulip bulbs to be exact). Dedication? Oh, yes. Worth the pay off? Did you see how huge those tulips came out? Now get planting! This is a big time moola saver.

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

What do you do when you’re trying to keep your wallet happy in the catering department? Bring on the food trucks! They’ve got to be in almost every city by now, come in all flavors and as Amy discovered, provide great food and a really fun experience for guests. Upon reflection this turned out to be the perfect solution than having to succumb to the cost of rentals and food.

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Here’s another great DIY project to ponder over. Those spectacular wood slices used as cupcake stands came from a dead tree that their parents had cut down from their yard last year. You can’t find beauties like these at a store, and if you do they’re most likely going to cost you a healthy chunk of change. Amy + Michael asked their parents to have the tree removal company cut the trunk into 2”- 4” slices so that they could use them for interior décor and table displays. They spent their weekends drying out, sanding and oiling the slices for their wedding. Their patience and creativity totally paid off!

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

From Amy, “The building itself is exceptional, so we tried to simply accentuate what was already there and make sure that it felt like a wedding that represented our tastes. We really wanted it to feel Brooklyn, but also festive. We wanted to give our family and friends a great party to remember, and all the choices we made were really about what created a fun environment for them”.

Congrats Amy + Michael!

Photography: Oak Street Studio / Venue: The Green Building (NYC) / Food Trucks: Schnitzel & Things, Country Boys, Rickshaw Dumplings / Appetizers: Sahadi’s / Dessert: Billy’s Bakery / Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals / Staff: Parties N’ All / Flowers: All home grown / Flag: Handmade / Pins: Busy Beaver Button Co. / Bouquet: Sprout Home / Dress: J.Crew / Shoes: Kate Spade / Suit: AllSaints Spitalfields / Groom’s shoes: Opening Ceremony / Hair & Makeup: The Parlour Brooklyn / DJ: James Mulry

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Social Love

alexis on Jul 6, 2011

That is EXACTLY the dress I want someday!!! I saw it on JCrew and they stopped selling it. Awww shucks!! It's beautiful even on her!!! :) Guess I need to get mine made. I'm still a believer!

Stacey on Jul 6, 2011

Any chance the bride or someone else can share how or where to create those amazing grass-like table runners? Obsessed.

Kelly on Jul 6, 2011

If there's any information the bride can share about the bridemaids' dresses I would be eternally grateful! Thank you for sharing this fantastic and inspiring wedding.

Melissa at MasterPiece Weddings on Jul 6, 2011

All of those photos are absolutely stunning!! We love it all! Thank you for sharing!

jillian on Jul 6, 2011

her dress is so gorgeous and unique! i love the bridesmaid dresses too! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Maggie Santolla on Jul 6, 2011

this is sooooo amazing and cool. our space looks a lot like this too and we are also doing a food truck and you've got me inspired. yahoo! also, love your dress!

Amy on Jul 6, 2011

Responding to a few questions... Stacey - The moss table runners came from Jamali ( They come in strips that are 18 inches wide. We cut them down because they were too wide for use on our tables. One tip: If you cut the runners in half, I suggest doing it along the back (with the moss facing down, paper facing up). Use a razor and cut just through the paper backing, then gently tug apart and partially trim the moss where needed, this will preserve a natural edge on both sides. Kelly - I asked each of my lovely bridesmaids to choose their own dress and I couldn't have been happier with how amazing they all looked. All I wanted was for them to wear something that they were excited about. At their request, I chose a color scheme for them to follow which included a broad range of creams, nudes and pinks. From left to right, the dresses are from: Asos, Asos, J. Crew, J. Crew, French Connection and Club Monaco. Hope this is helpful!

Lacey @ LaceyWagner Events on Jul 6, 2011

LOVE the photography! What a cool wedding. I love seeing events that are affordable and tremendously chic. Well done!

emily pf on Jul 6, 2011

This wedding is lovely. Two food carts? Love it!

Megan on Jul 6, 2011

This wedding looks like so much fun and the photography is B-E-A-utiful. One thing worth pointing out: The Green Building DOES have a big kitchen prep area. No ovens, but I know that many a traditional caterer works out of their kitchen just fine. I'm getting married there in November and we're having a restaurant cater for us using The Green Building kitchen.

Jasmine on Jul 6, 2011

Love the food truck idea! Glad that it worked will for your wedding!

wendy-liondance on Jul 7, 2011

What a stunning set of pictures……….. beautiful!! And the story behind their romance is just so sweet! Thank you for sharing

Catherine on Jul 7, 2011

Wow! The music is just perfect too. I wish I'd been a guest at this amazing wedding :D

Far and Away on Jul 7, 2011

stunning photos and stunning wedding as usually! ;-) thanks

Heather on Jul 7, 2011

Many thanks to 100 Layer Cake for the wonderful feature. Michael and Amy were a true pleasure two work with; passionate, kind, and always stylish! I couldn't be happier for this awesome couple.

Malea on Jul 7, 2011

With gay marriage becoming legal in NYS my fingers are getting really itchy about actually planning a wedding. Just the thought of all the details and actual cost almost burst my bubble then i saw this article and it's just SO what I would want in simplicity, numerous back drops for great photos and easy on my frugal heart:) Well done! Can I steal it? lol

Bia @ Brilliance on Jul 7, 2011

Food trucks! Genius! And that lovely dress! What a beautiful wedding~

Love Wedd on Jul 8, 2011

The bride's bouquet is so gorgeous! Food trucks are such a clever idea, what a good way to keep it casual and each guest happy.

Peter on Jul 12, 2011

Yay Mike and Amy! Beautiful!

ann on Jul 21, 2011

Amy-- the photos are amazing!! just wondering, did you get your dress directly from JCrew or a different source? I know that was was VERY hard to get!

Hi-Fi Weddings on Jul 22, 2011

ooo lovely! ya, i've noticed y'all have including some of the music here and there! we should collaborate on guest mixes or something for each others blogs...that could be loads of fun!

B on Aug 8, 2011

Lots of great ideas in this wedding. I'd love to steal many of your ideas, like planting the tulips. Do you have any more tips on that? And any tips for working with food truck vendors? Especially ones that may not have had wedding catering experience?

meghan on Aug 8, 2011

beautiful wedding i wanted to use the moss table runners for my wedding but they stink, did you have that problems if so what did you do? thanks!

sandee on Oct 1, 2011

Beautiful wedding. All the little details really do count. I was just wondering how the food trucks worked out. I hear that it can be a bit hectic, with people waiting for food, since the trucks can only produce what is allowed in the small cooking space. From what I see in the photos, it looks like you were able to maintain the crowds. I'd love to hear any advice you have about this. Thanks!

Darcy on Dec 29, 2011

The table runners just look like sheet moss.

Kerry on Feb 17, 2012

My daughter is getting married at the Green Building in Setember and we wanted to have a surprise yummy food truck show up for midnight munchies, just when everyone thinks it is over. Any suggestios on who might be best for that purpose? KE

wedding venues South Florida on Mar 14, 2012

With your own creativity you could make your wedding more special and unique. Having this kind of idea would be a wonderful memory that everyone could cherish.

amitmishra34 on Oct 24, 2012

thank you its valuable information about wedding cakes in Brooklyn

Abel Pyun on Jun 4, 2013

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