Kate Spade: Wedding Belles (and Whistles)

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Kate Spade just announced their lovely new bridal line…Wedding Belles (and Whistles). Sparkly shoes, accessories, short wedding dresses, bridesmaids wardrobe and gift ideas and even honeymoon wardrobe items! Go over and take a peek at their colorful selection!

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Alan on Apr 2, 2011

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Vegas Fashion Stylist on Apr 2, 2011

that looked like a really fun shoot to be on. I don't really think a bride is wearing hot pink tights, but it make it great for a photo shoot

Leslie on Apr 2, 2011

I got the announcement email today… woohoo! Too bad I've already had my wedding...

Chi Pritchard on Apr 2, 2011

Spring colors for sure. Hot pink is definitely the right color to put the winter blues behind you.

Tamara Nicole Weddings and Events on Apr 2, 2011

Oooh how exciting, love Kate Spade:-)

Hens Night Invitations on Apr 3, 2011

Loved the pic with the balloons.

Sarah (A Paper Proposal) on Apr 3, 2011

I'm so excited!!! It's about time, too. They always had such great stuff for brides, and now it's official! So fun and vibrant!

Christening Invitations on Apr 4, 2011

Pink is one awesome colour!

Laura Whitney on Apr 4, 2011

I love Kate Spade but that wedding party picture really seems strait out of a John Waters film! Lol!

Becky on Apr 4, 2011

Oh how I love Kate Spade! So happy they're finally doing wedding now!!

Megan on Apr 4, 2011

As a bride I'd totally wear hot pink tights. It could definitely work, especially if you were changing into something simpler for the reception. I would even walk down the aisle in them, but that's just me. There's also the bachelorette, rehearsal dinner... There are tons of events around having a wedding besides your actual wedding where these bright accents would kick an outfit up a notch. I love this collection.

albeit dot dot dot on Apr 4, 2011

Well done!! It couldn't scream more "kate spade"! THey have indeed perfected the art of color!

Emily on Apr 5, 2011

These colors are outstanding!

Libby James on Apr 6, 2011

leave it to kate to come up with a bold and beautiful bridal line! love it! xx libby libbyjames.com

jenn {bow tie & bustle} on Apr 7, 2011

That Kate Spade! See gets it right every time! Love it!

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