Wedding hairstyles: how to do your own!

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Have you guys seen Joanna‘s cute series on hair tutorials? We love them! Wouldn’t they be such a perfect way to style your own locks for the wedding? Seems like if you practice a few times before the big day, you’d be able to get it down and save a bit on your beauty budget.

But wedding hair isn’t complete with a little piece of decoration, preferably of the petal-y persuasion, right? We thought we’d show you a bunch of different flowers that would look pretty in your hair and a few of the hair styles we mentioned with said flowers in place.

Be sure to pick a flower that will stay pretty without water for a few hours. And/or bring a second bloom for later in the party.

Gardenias (a la Billie Holiday) are always delicious-smelling and pretty, though we couldn’t get our hands on one to photograph. Or a tiny spidery air plant, like Alyson rocked at her wedding. What about a big peony poof or a wintery camellia? Nothing says romance like the smell of jasmine on a spring evening. So many options!

We tested a few styles out ourselves over the weekend. Srsly, with a little practice, you could nail this!

Amanda is wearing three twisted buns with a trio of sweet ranunculus and a camellia.

Kristina is wearing half-up Heidi braids with a pretty pink flower whose name we don’t know (there wasn’t a tag at the farmer’s market, sorry!).

So here’s the plan:

1. Choose a super cute hair style from Joanna’s series, Who What Wear Daily, or any place else.
3. Give yourself plenty of time to get it right on the day of the wedding (even better, enlist a friend who has a way with hair to help). And to finish, pin a little spray of pretty, fragrant flowers in your ‘do.

Et voila!

Orrr, if you’re not brave enough to use one of these for your wedding, hello engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon!

Social Love

HiLLjO on Mar 31, 2011

Totes gonna use this. Thank you for sharing its existence!!!

ArticulateArt on Mar 31, 2011

Wow these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Jen @ Darling Notes on Mar 31, 2011

I love her hairstyle tutorials -- so chic! A messy bun is always stylish.

Brindey on Mar 31, 2011

Hi! I am so glad you did this! I am doing my own hair, and have been really worried about it. Thank you!

Kat on Mar 31, 2011

The flower in the last photo is Rice Flower - it comes in pink and white, but my favorite is the pink :-)

Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay on Mar 31, 2011

I love these hairstyle tutorials and the flowers are lovely.

Laura @ the escape artiste on Mar 31, 2011

I love this post! I'll definitely be trying these out soon.

Anya Rudn on Mar 31, 2011

Beautiful, I LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events on Mar 31, 2011

I LOVE the pink flower crown braided into her hair, enchanting. I think i'm going to have to come up with a reason to do that myself!

joanna goddard on Mar 31, 2011

thank you so much for including us in this post!!! so exciting to be on 100 layer cake! :) xoxoxo joanna

alyson on Mar 31, 2011

oh I love Kristina's do! so pretty.

Aprilette on Mar 31, 2011

I think doing your own hair for your wedding is pretty exciting. You get to have your own expression and freedom in styling your hair. Your idea of using natural pretty flowers as hair accents are pretty romantic. Love your brilliant thoughts!!!

Lorna on Apr 1, 2011

Love the messy bun, looks very stylish and chic. I love hair tutorials

Kirby {Colors of Honey} on Apr 1, 2011

I think this is a great idea for those brides looking to save money on their wedding day. I chose to hire a hair stylist. really only because I never am happy when I do my own hair and I just don't want to worry about it. I might have to try something on my own though for my bridal showers that are coming up! xo

nicole b. on Apr 1, 2011

Kristina's is my favorite. Great post. xo.

kiki on Apr 1, 2011

we had our wedding on a really remote beach of the Oregon Coast. bringing someone in to do my hair would've been an expensive, logistical nightmare! i did my own hair (classic ballet bun at the nape of my neck with flowers pinned to the side) and it made it sooooo much easier!! no regrets, go for it!

Jenn {bow tie & bustle} on Apr 1, 2011

The hair tutorials are so awesome! I've tried out two of them already and am totally in love with the uniqueness of the styles. Yay for cute buns!

ann wedding favors on Apr 4, 2011

I like the hairstyle especially if you put fresh flowers in it for a different effect. However, I can't do it on my own. A professional hair stylist would be perfect...

Sharon R. on Apr 6, 2011

Ok, so I tried the 3-bun updo and I looked straight out of Little House on the Prairie. It looks so.flipping.cute in the pic though, so I'm dying to know if anyone has had success with it? Tips?

lauren on Feb 15, 2012

i really like the flowers

muriah on Jul 27, 2012


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