Whimsical woodland Portland wedding: Kelly + Joseph (part 2)

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Ready for Part 2 of the incredible Kelly & Joseph’s wedding series? After throwing a completely spectacular event on the Mayan Riveria, the couple headed to Portland to have a casual and intimate but equally gorgeous wedding at a private cabin in the woods.

This wedding was all Kelly and Joseph – everything was vintage, they had a million photographer friends taking photos (including the wonderful Leah Verwey), picnic blankets, kazoos, karaoke and more. This had to be one of the most laid-back and fun weddings ever!

To get to the ceremony site near Mt Hood, guests (and their dogs) were first lead on a magical trek through the woods. How precious is the shot of them walking across the wooden beam?

This wedding had a ton of color, starting with Kelly’s lovely bouquet. It was perfectly imperfect, with a ton of fun-factor elements.

Check out all the multitude of glassware – all vintage, of course. So gorgeous and easy to put together.

Donuts trumped the traditional wedding cake for this shindig, an ideal choice if you ask us.

What a perfect end to their epic saga, right? Actually, Kelly just told us she traveled to Illinois after this for yet another reception! You crazy kids – go have some fun now and enjoy your newlywed status.

To see more from these two, don’t forget to check out the before & after shots from their Mexican wedding.

Custom Convertible Dress: Sarah Seven / Bolero (only in some photos at the Mayan Ruins): Toccata on Etsy / Necklace: Arleigh at Frank Jewellery by Design / Shoes: Biviel / Joseph’s outfit: All thrift-store finds / Veil, Poms, Ringbook, Guestbook, Flags, Rock and Succulent Centerpieces, Cake-Topper, Corsages: all made by the bride with help by friends and family (amazing!)

Social Love

Hilary on Jul 28, 2010

Omg I love Sarah Seven's dresses. Glad to see it on the bride, she looks gorgeous.

Annie @ Marry You Me on Jul 28, 2010

This is just too fun! Love her dress, the flowers and the casual Portland-y feel :)

WeddingXpert on Jul 28, 2010

A log bridge? Could this whimsical little wedding be any more of a fairytale? I'm totally obsessed with those donuts, they look amazing. Don't judge me.

Brancoprata on Jul 28, 2010

one word comes to my mind.... AMAZING!!!

Rachael from Nearlyweds on Jul 28, 2010

This wedding is amazing! The doughnuts, kazoos, flowers and the couple all go together so well! Love it! Great example of a wedding really being about the couple and their style.

Inspired Shares on Jul 28, 2010

That is exactly what I have pictured for myself one day...absolutely beautiful...xo Julie xo

Amy Nieto on Jul 28, 2010

It was such a fun wedding, everybody was amazing, met new friends and I camped out for the first time ever. Kelly and Joseph are such wonderful peeps they are surrounded with love love love. :)

Chaucee on Jul 28, 2010

The details of this wedding are stunning! Gorgeous gorgeous dress : )

Amy Evans with Good Day! on Jul 28, 2010

wow--i am in love with everything, party lights, school bus, vintage mis-matchy glass ware, and douhnuts! so original---just what a wedding should be, a fun reflection on the bride and groom. well done!

Alicepub Wedding Blog on Jul 29, 2010

It is simple yet romantic wedding. Without so much luxurious settings, this wedding has its own style. I am also obsessed with those donuts, they looks delicious and great.

Kim Cavanagh on Jul 29, 2010

So beautiful! It looks like so incredible, a really fun, whimsical feel. Perfect!!

ms Givens on Jul 29, 2010

This is the kind of wedding my daughter wants. A fun one!

Becoming Mrs. Ford on Jul 29, 2010

Gorgeous! So colorful and vibrant and real. Just goosebumpy.

Tatum on Jul 29, 2010

so whimsical

Riley on Jul 29, 2010

Where is this place? What is it called? My honey and I want to get married there!

wedding plans on Jul 29, 2010

I loved this type of wedding very much...I am getting married next month. So i am planning i will also arrange this type of wedding style

Caroline Weiss on Jul 30, 2010

Such beautiful photographs! Loving the doughnut shot ;-) X

jen on Jul 30, 2010

Just curious - how far in advance did the bride & co start working on decorations? I'm the kind of girl who likes to have everything ready ahead of time so I'm getting a head-start on my decorations. Everything about this wedding looks absolutely wonderful, I'm a little jealous of the gorgeous venue!

Leah Verwey on Jul 30, 2010

@Riley - It was a private rental house in Welches, Oregon. They totally lucked out! @Jen - I do know that Kelly planned both of these weddings in only 6 months, and had some help with the decorations from friends and family, but she was making things right up until the day of the wedding!

Jayne on Jul 30, 2010

Directions for those oh so pretty poms please!

Amanda Thorson on Jul 30, 2010

this is such a sweet wedding, i love it!

Dennis @ Wholesale Roses on Jul 30, 2010

What a cool wedding. Getting all the guests involved in the wedding was a great idea too. How much more exciting it must have been for them to be apart of the process rather than a spectator of an event.

Katrinna on Jul 31, 2010

I'm totally in love with this wedding!!! WOW!

Bethany Burns on Sep 24, 2010

This wedding is so beautiful and EXACTLY what my fiancé and I are looking for!! We've actually looked into renting out a cabin for a weekend or so just for our wedding but haven't been able to find such a beautiful spot! If you could, would you please please let me know any more details at to what cabin it was that was rented in Welches? Thank you so much! Bethany.

Florian on Mar 25, 2011

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invitationbaby on Dec 26, 2011

Ugh, the creativity is killing me. I mean it’s hard enough planning one awesome wedding, but two?

Albert Barrales on Jun 4, 2012

:Damn, i like the donuts...i think ima steal that idea. ;) im thinking about getting some stuff here, http://www.rudells.com/ Not to sure though. Ideas would help. Thanks in advance. :)

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