Let’s go camping!

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This seems like the perfect way to end a beautiful week. It’s about time to start planning those camping excursions and how great would it be if your camp was perfectly styled and you always looked so fresh and lovely whilst hiking in the woods.

This vintage campy engagement session was photographed & styled by the uber-talented Jill Thomas and Amorology Weddings. Thanks for sharing your fantasy camping trip with us!







Have a nice weekend and sweet dreams, love birds!

xo, 100 Layer Cake

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Katherine on Apr 9, 2010

How great would it be if the campers could always look put-together and styled rather than in desperate need of a shower? I am all for camping near private streams for a little early morning dip!

This Much on Apr 9, 2010

Why would a couple want to pose in bed for their engagement photos? Seems a little cart before the horse, unless if you're John and Yoko. That being said, these are cute photos of a cute couple!

Aimee on Apr 9, 2010

How ironic! I went to college with them! The photographs are beautiful.

Fleur Inc on Apr 9, 2010

This makes me so happy and brings back memories of Kentucky! Just so sweet!

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper on Apr 9, 2010

ADORABLE! Love the camping set-up!

Cassandra on Apr 10, 2010

Thanks for posting this. I love it!

well... on Apr 10, 2010

@This Much: For some, perhaps, but this is the 21st century after all.

eva on Apr 10, 2010

what a lovely idea. the couple pictured are very cute and look like the 'camping' type! very good location / styling too!

Meg Sylvia on Apr 10, 2010

So adorable! Love the originality of it.

Sherie & Cheryl on Apr 10, 2010

That last picture is super sweet - just lovely!!

Madame Tartine on Apr 11, 2010

Love this session... Such a good idea! I also love the last picture!

Kirby on Apr 11, 2010

this looks like a lot of fun. I love camping and would love to starting sharing that with my fiance. we live in NYC so it's a little hard to store all the camping gear. I'll just hve to find away.

Cookie Cutter on Apr 11, 2010

This is so sweet and the camping idea is great!

Evonne & Darren Photography on Apr 12, 2010

This looked soooo cool! What a great idea!

Melissa @ Suger Coat It on Apr 12, 2010

Popped over from camelshoes and i just HAD to say that i adore these photos. cutest thing ever!

Four Winds on Apr 12, 2010

VERY fun! I wish engagement sessions were a thing when I was going through this time in my life. My husband and I would have definitely gone for a camping photo shoot. I love this idea!

forget.me.knot.weddings on Apr 12, 2010

I love this shoot! So fun and love the outdoor shots! My friend who loves the outdoors and camping will love this idea!

sefi on Apr 13, 2010

These photos are so cute. At moments like tihs i hate it that me and my boyfriend are not romantic in such a sweet way. love your blog! Kisses from Tel Aviv.

Wedding registry on Apr 14, 2010

I love romantic photos. Thank you for sharing

Anne on Apr 14, 2010

Camping is a fun way for wedding celebrations and romance. After stormy spring time, it will be soon be time for camping. Hopefully the weather will be great for camping. That reminded me, it's time to purchase some camping gear.

Joana on Apr 20, 2010

Really sweet! Love this blog....it always cheers me up! Kisses from brazil

campingzelte on Dec 21, 2010

really romantic best regards from germany

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