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Our dear friend Summer (and one of the coolest girls we know), of Grey Likes Weddings, crafted and sent us the cutest idea called the “Us” Box to share with all of you today! She wanted to give her boyfriend tangible items that represent intangible commitments that she makes to him in their relationship. She typed out explanations on tags, attached them to each item, then presented everything to him inside a vintage suitcase. (how cuuuuute!)




Summer says, “I think the idea works beautifully for anyone looking for a beautiful gift to give someone…be it their fiance on their wedding day, their mother on mother’s day, etc. What I love about giving it to my boyfriend is that we can both continue to add to it as our relationship grows and requires new promises. I also love that our children will be able to paw through the box and understand in very tactile ways what we do to put our love in action.”



What an amazing and thoughtful idea, Summer. Lucky boyfriend.

photography by Caroline Tran

Summer is available to do custom styling for photographers, venues, designers, engagement and lifestyle shoots.

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JL_DESIGNS on Mar 12, 2010

i adore this..summer has done it again! fab post ladies! xoxo, c

margaux on Mar 12, 2010

absolutely beautiful, brilliant and profound! i can't wait to do something like this for my fiance! thank you!

lydia on Mar 12, 2010

oh wow. this is quite an idea! thank you summer for being a never cease to amaze me. and thanks for sharing!

The WV Girls on Mar 12, 2010

Love it Summer! So original, thoughtful and beautiful.

Katherine on Mar 12, 2010

What a lovely and thoughtful idea! I think a variation of this would also make a perfect wedding or shower favor.

Summer on Mar 12, 2010

Thanks for all the sweet comments! My boyfriend loved the gift and it was so much fun to make!!!

RealGloss on Mar 12, 2010

This is so so sweet! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift, I am inspired to go get a typewriter!

Style Revolution on Mar 12, 2010

Those are absolutely brilliant!

miss fancy pants (the bride) on Mar 12, 2010

Such a great idea. I love how timeless it is and how you could continue to add to it. Great inspiration.

jamie delaine on Mar 12, 2010

That is the cutest thing ever.

Carter & Cook Event Co. on Mar 12, 2010

these are so cute...I want some for my house! : )

[email protected] on Mar 12, 2010

so sweet summer!

Sandy on Mar 12, 2010

Wow, what a great way to make a craft for your love one! I adore all the little details. I love the idea of decorating each word that defines a relationship with a treasure!

Dandelion & Grey on Mar 12, 2010

Beautiful work, Summer!! I absolutely love it! Lovely photography, too! xo

Beebs on Mar 12, 2010

SUCH a cute idea!! i may have to steal it :)

Melissa @ The Loveliest Day on Mar 12, 2010

Such a thoughtful, adorable idea. I love it, Summer!

{lauryl} on Mar 12, 2010

If I made something this thoughtful for my hubs, I think he'd cry. It's precious.

Mary & Gabrielle on Mar 12, 2010

Wow, these are beautiful images! I have been wanting a typewriter so that we can do tags like these. I hope you get a chance to check out

forget*me*knot*weddings on Mar 12, 2010

i love this, such a great post!

style maniac on Mar 13, 2010

what a truly lovely idea ... i think it would be a wonderful gift for a mother, sister or friend as well ... and finally some way to use the amazing button collection inherited from my grandmother--thank you for that!

nancy {so happi together} on Mar 13, 2010

Amazing idea and post. Summer has done it again. I don't know if it's legal for one person to have so much talent! This idea is so beautiful!

Kelly on Mar 13, 2010

I love your blog! The US cards are so innovative and creative. Keep it up :) xoxox

Tiffany from iloveadore on Mar 14, 2010

This is just too beautiful. He is a lucky boyfriend. :)

Shauna A on Mar 14, 2010

wow- so thoughtful, inspiring, and beautiful. i love that she acknowledged how love is a verb- something we show through actions and not merely a feeling. she represented the act of loving so well. thank u for the inspiration!

kristen ~ k. holly on Mar 14, 2010

Omigoodness, these are TOO cute! Love them all!

paige appel on Mar 14, 2010

summer IS the most awesomest stylist ever. love it!

Jen on Mar 15, 2010

Wow! That is adorable! And the smaller items/tags look like they could be hung in a shadow box if they wanted to display these. I do like the suitcase idea as well so they are hidden and personal.

The Perfect Palette on Mar 15, 2010

such lovely vintage details.

Snotty McSnotterson on Mar 15, 2010

Stealing it, doing it, done!! That guy's a lucky man. :)

bridal girl on Mar 15, 2010

Such a great idea. This looks so good. Thanks for the suggestions.

Amma on Mar 15, 2010

This is so inspired, really beautiful.

honeyhuckabee on Mar 15, 2010

Such a sweet idea! I love all the tokens of love :) .honeyhuckabee

Kohli on Mar 15, 2010

So beautiful. I love the packing labels. They are so inexpensive and great for everything. i use at least one every day.

Estelle on Mar 16, 2010

This is magnificent, vert tastefull!!! I lové thé idea

coco on Mar 18, 2010

What fantastic ideas - I am based in Australia and soon to be wed:) I love browsing this site for beautiful and different ideas. With the help of my photographer (Katja Anton Photography we are planning the wedding together and hope for a vintage/rustic event on the Sunshine Coast. Thanks so much for all the fabulous ideas!

Mia on Mar 19, 2010

Absolutly brillant! So inspired...

Beth on Oct 4, 2011

This is a beautiful idea, I love it.

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