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Vintage Finding Tags

Here’s a quick and sweet diy for you, using simple vintage and found objects, some you may have around your house! I thought this would be a fun and affordable thing to make. Items like the tags and paper clips come in a packs of 100 or so for less than $10. So you’re really not spending a lot to make these. So here we go!


Here’s what you’ll need:
Manila Tags, I used 4 3/4″ x 2 3/8″ but you can go slightly larger or smaller.
Jute Twine
– Assorted patterned paper
– Library date stamp (and ink choice of your color)
– Gold paper clips
– Vintage charm findings (found on etsy or ebay)
– Small lace crochet doilies (lot found on ebay)
– “save the date” letter stamp (via martha stewart stamp kit)


Cut the doily in half place onto tag, leaving some extra room on the side to trim. Sew onto right side of the manila tag.


Cut excess of the doily off so you have a nice straight edge.


Stamp your date onto your patterned paper. Make sure the background isn’t too busy so you can see the date, and choose an ink color that will show up.


Cut out the paper with the date stamp and paper clip onto tag. Stamp your “save the date” onto the tag.


Take your twine and tie around your tag and string charm onto the twine. Tie in knot.


You’re all done! You can switch up placement of stamps and the charms on your tags for a real one-of-a-kind feel.

You can send these off or give them to friends and family you see. Place them in a kraft or glassine bag and they’re ready to go! (bags available at nice package) To send in the mail, purchase some kraft envelopes and send them off!


Thanks Danni for all your thoughtful ideas this week and good luck with your wedding plans. We look forward to see how your engagement session turns out.

Social Love

Dognbird on Mar 4, 2010

The idea and execution are both exquisite! Very romantic and sweet save the date.

Dear Evie on Mar 4, 2010

Wow - love these. They're so unique!

Wife of the Year on Mar 4, 2010

Terribly special. The doily adds such a special effect.

Nar on Mar 4, 2010

These are great! So creative and vintage looking! -Nar

naoisem on Mar 4, 2010

Wow! That's all i can say. These are so intricate and amazing. I wish i had that kind of imagination. Thanks for the inspiration

The Knotty Bride on Mar 4, 2010

Like I said, Danni, your photos have a way of making me smile every time!!! Great post, you are SO talented. - Alison

danni h. on Mar 4, 2010

thanks for all the sweet comments friends! jillian, amanda, and kristina: from the bottom of my heart - thank you so much for allowing me to guest post on your beautiful blog this week! :) it was such an honor and i can't wait to share my wedding with you! xo.

claire on Mar 4, 2010

Lovely! Something I would keep forever :)

Joy on Mar 4, 2010

Simple and beautiful. Maybe I will try modify this idea for my graduation party that is coming up soon. Thanks for the idea. on Mar 4, 2010

I love this! For my wedding I used lots of luggage tags and had the bike theme! These would have been perfect! I'm sure the next bride will find these perfect for their day!

Kimberly on Mar 4, 2010

These are fantastic! I think my heart would melt if I received one of these little treasures in the mail.

amanda on Mar 4, 2010

oh i love this! it's so pretty, and so lasy!! so great!!

Christina on Mar 4, 2010

i love it so so much

Kirby on Mar 4, 2010

how wonderful!!! if I recieved a save the date like this i would feel so special, knowing how much time and effort went into making it.

Fri @ Wedding Nouveau on Mar 4, 2010

Practical and gorgeous at the same time. Love it.

Beebs on Mar 4, 2010

these are so original and absolutely darling! ohh if I only had the patience :)

Ann on Mar 5, 2010

The doilies you used are not crocheted, they're tatted. Tatting is a fiber art/craft that used to be quite popular but has practically disappeared. A while back I inherited my grandmother's silver tatting shuttle and decided to figure out how to do it. And it did, and what I learned is that tatting looks a bit like crochet but takes about ten times as long. The items you made are incredibly cute, but I'm not sure cutting up labor-intensive heirlooms is my favorite method of constructing Save the Dates.

adesignaffair on Mar 5, 2010

Love this post! Thanks for the great DIY idea....Great for many occasions.

Helena on Mar 5, 2010

oh wow Im so saving these for whenever the day comes!!

Amanda on Mar 5, 2010

There are AWESOME! Where do you put the couple's name that you're saving the date for though?

stuffie on Mar 6, 2010

LOVE the vintagey feel of these save the date tags!!! Super cool!

Ivana on Mar 6, 2010

This is such a wonderful tutorial, I am saving it in my bookmarks for when occasion arises! :) Beauuutiful.

tcamp on Mar 6, 2010

i did this for my wedding they were a big hit and very unique thanks!

The Wedding Contessa on Mar 6, 2010

Charming and so creative! Guests are sure to like this!

Amy on Mar 6, 2010

I love this idea. I love the simplicity and the cute little charms. Perfect for DIY!

madeleine brown on Mar 6, 2010

Very very sweet... but as a tatter myself, the idea of scissors near those doilies does make me a little nervous!

maria on Mar 7, 2010

Valentines sent by schoolchildren have declined so...and I see the beauty and energy of Valentines long ago have travelled to here. Lovely.

Shyla Batliwalla on Mar 7, 2010

These are beyond adorable. Such amazing talent. Love it.

Jessica Lynn on Mar 8, 2010

this is SO adorable! it would be great, on features like these, to have a cost detail/breakdown feature as well!

maura on Mar 8, 2010

wow! i love these! we are using these to tie around our mason jars for table numbers- but i like the sprucing them up a bit. i do like the library theme elements in it as well. i'm planning on using old fashioned library due date cards for our place cards! with our wedding date stamped in the due date. i may also end up using them for rehearsal dinner invites too!

// Sarah on Mar 9, 2010

wow -- these are so lovely, thoughtful & unique! fabulous!!

jen jafarzadeh on Mar 9, 2010

these save the dates look fantastic! so pretty.

Kelly on Mar 9, 2010

I did a similar post on my blog! I chose to use coasters from bars/hotels/cafes and use them for gift tags. They are always so nicely made and printed on nice thick paper why not reuse and recycle right? I think it is also a conversation started when you give the gift or card right! By the way I love your blog!

Michal Levison on Mar 12, 2010

These are fantastic! Love the vintage feel and how charming they are - great work.

Amma on Mar 15, 2010


Ez + Marichelle on Mar 18, 2010

Danni you kill us with your amazing projects + ideas!! Thank you so much for linking to Nice Package!! xo Ez + Marichelle

Belinda @ B Studio Wedding Invitations on Apr 10, 2010

These are just stunning! I might try it but add some ink stamps and see how that looks on Apr 19, 2010

thank you your post!very good! on Apr 19, 2010

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arfblog001 on Apr 19, 2010

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Liz on Dec 12, 2011

The tags are pretty, but I have to agree...cutting up the tatted doilies makes my heart ache a bit. Those things involve a lot of hand labor, and they aren't very common anymore.

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