Vintage rockabilly wedding : Michonne + Mike

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Jennifer Rau sent over this adorable, vintagey rockabilly wedding in the Arizona desert that she recently shot. Many cute details to inspire y’all. And the bride’s dress is quite lovely. And fancy. We do love a fancy dress. And a casual one too, but in this case fancy dress + tattoos + converse on the groomsmen is pretty darn cute.



Michonne’s dress is Carolina Herrera… and one that she nearly didn’t try on because she KNEW it would be out of her price range. Except it ended up being the store model that was on sale and she got a killer deal. Sometimes things are meant to be.


As Michonne says, they wanted to have a super rad wedding, with a hotrod/vintage/rockabilly meets family reunion theme. Mike and his groomsmen brought the rockabilly and hotrod elements (most of them build their own hotrods in their free time) and she and her girls brought the vintage flair. With plenty of little DIY projects mixed in.




Michonne’s mom made her little pleated ribbon bracelet. She wanted something that would resemble the detail of her dress, but not detract from it. Mom stepped in and took over that project and also ended up making her veil. Good mom.




The bride is also a quilter and so obviously has an obsession with prints and patterns and lovely fabrics. Naturally, she sewed her own napkins for the reception, which became a perfect little gift for her guests. Some didn’t end up taking theirs so a select few got a perfect 4 piece set. Lovely how it all works out.

She printed the favor tags from Betsy White as a nice addition to her favors. Way to use internet resources Michonne!



Cupcakes made the night before and frosted the day of by Mom, aunt, and another family friend. Michonne made the beautiful little fabric flowers that decorated the tables.


And the cake was a surprise for Mike. They baked his grandma’s banana cake, with professional icing done by Michonne’s aunt last minute. Turns out she used to work in a pastry shop and had kept her handy talent hidden up until the wedding day!


Such a great wedding you guys! Congratulations and thank so much for sharing.

Photography: Jennifer Rau / Dress: Caroline Herrera / Save-the-Date and Invitation: Brian Johnson of Design Concern / Florals: Flowers By Jodi / Hair: Way Cool Hair / Reception: The Tuck Shop

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meghalina on Jan 20, 2010

that dress is to die for!! gorgeous!

jen rau on Jan 20, 2010

this was such an awesome couple and such a fun wedding to shoot. thanks for the feature!

jasper on Jan 20, 2010

This wedding is delightful! I absolutely love that dress and all the details and the attire and the general feel of the day, I could go on and on!

Meg on Jan 20, 2010

Lurve. Also feel like this is totally a best-of-100-layer-cake wedding. If I saw it, I'd think fondly of y'all. But. Um. Why arn't we talking about the CAR????

Jessie on Jan 20, 2010

Hi, what a beautiful wedding. I love the handmade napkins. Just wondering if anyone can tell me where the fabric is from?

jen rau on Jan 20, 2010

groom built the car! he is an engineer and obviously an amazing car aficionado. thats one of a few awesome rides. michonne has a plymouth delux. they are just rad.

Amorology Weddings on Jan 20, 2010

Love the fabric flowers on the tables! And such fun napkins! Gorgeous wedding overall!

ajb on Jan 20, 2010

i love the little boxes with the fabric "ribbon"... lovely.

Jess on Jan 20, 2010

I absolutely love these wedding shots. I try to post up actual weddings when I find them. Haven't found a wedding quite like this one! Keep up the great work.

jenny on Jan 20, 2010

gorgeous dress!!

Laura on Jan 20, 2010

LOVE the fabric flowers. Would love to know how Michonne made them (tutorial, please?) I recognize some of the "Once Wed" style flowers, but the other, fuller version is SO gorgeous!

Erin on Jan 20, 2010

that dress is incredible!!!

Denise on Jan 20, 2010

That DRESS!!!

kc on Jan 20, 2010

Gorgeous wedding! I second the wish for a tutorial on the flowers, please.

nicole b. on Jan 20, 2010

Is it me (did I overlook them?) or are there no pictures of the save the dates or invitations? Would love to see them, as well. Very soft, sweet color palette and perfectly carried out in every fine detail. LOVE the napkins... and fabric flowers. Congrats to the bride and groom.

Michonne on Jan 20, 2010

Jen, you did such a fantastic job of documenting everything on our wedding day - we are so incredibly grateful and love everything that you've come up with!! Thank-you for the sweet comments everyone else :-) The fabrics are mainly Denyse Schmidt and some Joel Dewberry and it looks like Denyse's line is completely sold out. As for the flowers, I could do a tutorial.... give me a day or two and I'll post a link on here? P.S. Love the comments on the car :) It's very fast and very fun :)

Sandra on Jan 20, 2010

I love everything...its looks so beautiful, all the details!!! Do you mind sharing where you got the cupcake flags at? They are adorabale and Im also excited for the tutorial on the flowers!! Congrats!!!

flights of fancy on Jan 20, 2010

So nice to see how well our favor labels worked with those gorgeous napkins - what a perfect fit! Beautiful job Michonne!

julie @ duet letterpress on Jan 20, 2010

such a gorgeous wedding! i gasped out loud when i saw her dress. stunning.

Jessica on Jan 20, 2010

Hi! What a beautiful wedding. I've been reading your blog for about a year as I'm getting married this summer and absolutely love it. I had a question about Zanna's wedding - but couldn't post there because the comments are closed (as I don't blame you for doing based on them) but I wanted to see if you knew who did the beautiful invitation? That was an absolutely beautiful wedding with a beautiful couple and I am in love with the invitation. Any assistance you could provide would be fantastic! Thanks, a VERY loyal reader :-)

Favorite Aunt on Jan 20, 2010

Michonne and Mike's wedding was wonderful. Knowing Michonne, I think she truly got the wedding of her dreams as well as the man of her dreams. She looked absolutely stunning. The dress is even more beautiful in person. We all had a great time. Jennifer the photographer did a fabulous job. Her picture captured the pure joy of the day.

Danielle on Jan 20, 2010

Wow! What a beautiful wedding! I love that there are so many personal touches like the sewn napkins!

nina renee designs on Jan 21, 2010

The bride looks her ruffle bracelet!

Michone on Jan 21, 2010

Beautiful wedding and just shocked to see someone else in the world with the name Michone (I use one "n"). Do you pronounce as "Me-shone"? Just curious!

jen rau on Jan 21, 2010

nicole b. michonne's very fab invitation had its own photo shoot in my front yard here ya go

Alexandra Lilja-Nilsson on Jan 21, 2010

Hi! I was wondering about the brides little "jacket" that she is wearing during the ceremony, I have the same dress (which I love and it looks so gorgeous on her as well) and I been looking all over for a jacket that would work! If the bride wouldn't mind sharing that would be so amazing! thank you in advance!

cevd on Jan 22, 2010

the cake, oof, the cake. it looks delightful.

Jessica on Jan 22, 2010

Absolutely beautiful. Such a personal, thoughtful, delightful wedding! It's nice to see a wedding featured here that was actually planned and actively "created"by the bride and groom. I do have to say that I get very tired of seeing highly expensive weddings that are pulled together by highly expensive planners. One cannot fake handmade soul when it comes to a wedding, and boy does this wedding have oodles of it!

Nina on Jan 22, 2010

hi! i recently found your site and really like it! i love all the weddings you feature - so much inspiration & great ideas.

Michonne on Jan 22, 2010

The custom made jacket was made by one of the seamstresses at the bridal boutique where I bought the dress. I sew and it looks really easy - I am sure any seamstress could whip one up for you! I asked for 'kiss-pleats' around the edge of the bolero so that it would play off details of the dress. My name is pronounced Mi-Shon (kind of like Michelle, but not quite) :-) but I really answer to anything since it is incredibly confusing to most. Jen has a link to a photoshoot with the invitation - Here's the graphic designer's site and there are a few more photos there as well:

Jaclyn Schultz on Jan 22, 2010

this dress is amazing! the bride looks so hot. perfect body for that dress. love love love love love it!!!

100layercake on Jan 25, 2010

Hi Jessica, The invite design for Zanna's wedding were done by Base Design.

Adriana on Jan 26, 2010

The shot of the crying bride, groom, and other bridal party member tugged at my heart strings!

Iberostar Resorts Weddings on Feb 1, 2010

The cake is spectacular!

Erika Unbehaun on Feb 1, 2010

That cake is soo chic. I want to print it and frame it, it's so pretty

newweb on Feb 1, 2010

By the way i like the shoes ^_^

Heather Crosby Gionet on Feb 4, 2010

I just stumbled across your blog today and fell in LOVE! SOOO amazing :) I get inspired so much by other work and cool venues and love the vintage feel of a couple of these weddings! nice find!!!

Wrinkle in Time Photography on Feb 10, 2010

Great to see a wedding couple and their family adding personal touches they've made themselves! My husband and I recently got married and we did the same thing - everyone loved those personal details best. Love the napkins!

Katie Jo on Feb 10, 2010

Oooooohhhhh MMyyyyyyyy Goooooddddnnees!!! This wedding is SO inspiring. I love all the details. That dress is seriously ridiculiously amazing. It made me really sit here and think... do I even really like my own dress? I am anxious to get a tutorial on the flowers also, yet, not confident that I will be able to execute. Michonne, would you be up for hire? Just for a few elements for hair/cake/etc??

No "Cookie Cutter" Wedding on Feb 18, 2010

No "Cookie Cutter" wedding here. So many great details. Love the nostalgia/vintage twist.! a daring expression by the bride and groom with the vintage/ rockabilly theme.The fabric flowers and hand made cupcakes, looks like it all worked. Happy the bride scored a deal on the Caroline Herrera dress. It was meant for her. The grooms talent in building his hot rod is also impressive.

bella on Feb 18, 2010

Michonne must have the day of my dreams, the whole look of the wedding is simply amazing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell that you know the style name and number of the dress, would LOVE to try it on before l pick another dress!

Michonne on Feb 18, 2010

Thanks Katie Jo - I wish, I had such a blast doing it the first time around ;) No Cookie - Yes, he truly IS amazing :) Hey Bella - so sweet :) The number of the dress is the 32720 dress.

bella on Feb 19, 2010

Thanks for the answer so quickly really appreciate it!

Alyson on Mar 13, 2010

This is such a beautiful and inspiring wedding! Love the look at the reception and the cupcakes are beyond cute. I would love to know the details about the print on the wall in the picture of the dress on the mannequin. Thanks!

Gena on May 3, 2010

Wanna sell your beautiful dress?

Michonne on May 22, 2010

Yup! It's for sale on oncewed! :) See a couple of links above :)

Laela on Sep 28, 2010

I absolutely love the pictures! Who was your photographer?

lillian on Apr 13, 2011

Do not know how to describe, but i love your wedding a lot.

Brian Johnson on Oct 12, 2011

I love that car! And I also love the pictures! Especially that one with the yellow flowers and the out of focus background, great stuff. Props to the photographer

bianca dresses on Nov 15, 2011

I love the bride's dress, it's so simply and beautiful. Her bouquet... I might just have to steal. I think it's so adorable when the groomsmen wear converse like that.

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Bella Eventi by Olivia George on Jun 24, 2012

Loving the personal touches and the bright yellow flowers!

Jennifer on Dec 29, 2012

I wore that exact dress for my wedding! It's comfortable, modern and gorgeous. You have great taste :)

Thanh Belitz on Jun 28, 2013

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Sandy Naas on Jul 1, 2013

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