DIY Blueberry Jam (favors)

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Remember those super cute favors Jillian made for the Stationery Social? Here comes the little tutorial. Jillian and her husband Scott were on vacation in Saugatuck, Michigan when she came up with the idea to make the jam. As you can see there are A LOT of blueberries there. How delicious. And how lovely and local. Obviously you can use any fruit you have in abundance. Don’t go out and buy 20 teeny cartons of blueberries if you don’t have access to a farm!





4oz canning jars (Available on Amazon, among other places.)

18″ of string or yarn per jar
roughly 8″ square piece of craft tissue


How to:

Make jam. (you can use Jillian’s recipe by downloading the recipe cards she made for you all)

While it’s cooling, print labels (download those here), recipe cards, cut yarn and paper to size. Once the jam is completely cool (which will take a few hours or overnight), glue the label to the top of the jar. Assemble the little package by wrapping the tissue around the jar, then wrap the yarn or string around the lid a few times and tie a bow in front.


So easy!

Download the : Recipe cards and jam labels

photos by scott clark

Social Love

Bekka on Sep 2, 2009

I love this! What cute gifts these would make, and what a great way to capture a bit of summer in a jar! ^_^

[email protected] on Sep 2, 2009

what a sweet idea...i love it

Morgan on Sep 2, 2009

A few weeks ago my fiance and I finished canning 240 jars of fig jam! 50 pounds of figs (from a tree in our yard) + 10 pounds of sugar = favors for all our guests. The best part by far was all the hours we spent chatting and dancing around the kitchen over bubbling fig goodness. A good friend is going to paint a picture of the fig tree - we'll set in on the table with all the jars. Thanks for posting such a great idea!

mel barlow on Sep 2, 2009

ANd oh sooo yum! Ate all mine already from the stationary social ... The jars are perfect to re-use again for jam, candles or trinkets :)

Chaucee on Sep 2, 2009

This looks absolutely delicious! I better snatch some fresh fruit before it all goes out!

Feanne on Sep 2, 2009

Hi! I'd love to see the blueberry jam recipe but the link (for "recipe cards") isn't working... anyway lovely lovely blueberry photos! :)

Courtney on Sep 2, 2009

yummy! I bought a jarring kit about 3 years ago maybe I will use it now. :)

wren on Sep 2, 2009

i really considered doing jam as a favor for our wedding last september but we had way too many people invited - the cost would have been crazy, not to mention the effort that goes into each one!

redmenace on Sep 2, 2009

I am making jam for my welcome baskets! Glad to see so many people think it's a good idea. Lovely!

Sarah on Sep 2, 2009

Thanks for the recipe! I have be wanting to try making jam for quite some time!

brooke on Sep 2, 2009

i love this! i have always wanted to make my own jam but i am never inspired by a recipe. thanks so much for the post!

wedding coordinators in Orlando, Florida on Sep 2, 2009

We love crafty ideas like these

Sarah on Sep 2, 2009

Love, love, love this idea! Thank you for the cute idea. It looks simple enough that even a klutz in the kitchen, like me, could do it!

mika78 on Sep 2, 2009

oh my goodness - jillian's blueberry jam is deeeelish. i ate it everyday - highly recommended! Mmm.. now I'm drooling...

danni: oh, hello friend. on Sep 2, 2009

Jillian you rock! what a fun little treat, thanks for sharing friends! xo. danni

Michelle on Sep 2, 2009

I heart jam! My mom always makes like 5 batches of jam at the end of summer, I think we even have some blueberry stocked up!

Angie on Sep 3, 2009

I love this delicious favour idea. What a great way to give some of yourself to your guests. Plus, this is something they will actually use.

blair on Sep 3, 2009

Oh wow! The jam look delicious and love the lovely simple packaging!

stephchows on Sep 4, 2009

I was JUST no joke talking the logistics of this over with my mom yesterday! I was thinking about doing a spiced peach jam maybe :) The wedding isn't until next June though... so I'm not sure how the color will look after sitting for 9 months.. any ideas?

sharon taylor on Sep 4, 2009

oh, jillian! I love your extreme DIY!

Kim with Fabuluxeâ„¢ on Sep 4, 2009

This is a deliciously fun idea! Thanks for sharing this sweet and crafty DIY!

Wedding Chicks on Sep 4, 2009

great idea! this is a favor i'd love to receive at a wedding!!

Molly Jean on Sep 9, 2009

blueberry jam is 1 of my favorite DIY projects...did some for Christmas presents last's too fun...gooey & sweet & irresistible.

Pretoria Baby & Wedding Photography Photographer on Sep 12, 2009

thnks for sharing. jenna

Katie Beth on Sep 19, 2009

we had the same idea for my april 2010 wedding. my family owns a blueberry patch, and my incredible mother made all of the jam this summer (over 200 jars). we had a couple of taste testings, and it seems to be a hit! just don't forget to keep your diabetic loved ones in mind and make several jars of sugar free jam :).

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