Utterly inventive train ticket invites for a double wedding

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Our friend Tyler (remember Liss & Tyler’s awesome Isla Mujeres wedding?) sent over these really beautiful, modern invites he and his partner recently designed. His own invites were amazing, so clearly these are too.

The couple had two weddings, one in France and one in Chicago. The French wedding was inspired by the couple’s time in France. And because they met in French class and both love the language, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to host a week-long celebration at a Chateau. Clearly we don’t blame them. But they also knew that not everyone would be able to travel all that way so they held a second wedding a few weeks later in Chicago.

The invites bring together both celebrations in a really creative way. And we love the look of an old Euro train ticket.




Pretty dress, no?

Invites by Markatos | Moore

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Daniella on Aug 11, 2009

AMAZING! Chic, sophisticated, clever design at its best. I love these! Definitely saving these in my inspiration folder. Thanks for sharing!

Desiree on Aug 11, 2009

I stayed at that chateau in Vouvray in 2005 with my family. It was so beautiful. What a treat to see it here. They made the best apple tarte tatin each day for breakfast. Lovely!

Celine on Aug 12, 2009

Can you please post the url to the blog with their wedding images?? It is absolutely dreamy and I would love to see the rest.

100layercake on Aug 12, 2009

Sure, here is a link to view more photos of their gorgeous wedding. enjoy! http://flickr.com/gp/marykcurry/p6EJt9

Mary Beth on Aug 12, 2009

i love her dress! do you know who it's by?!

anna and the ring on Aug 12, 2009

C'est magnifique!

Sarah on Aug 12, 2009

Love the dress! I would like to know where it is from too, if you have that information! Thx

Stephanie on Aug 12, 2009

That dress is gorgeous!

Prathima on Aug 13, 2009

The dress was even more beautiful in person. The designer is La Sposa, and the dress was purchased at Wedding Belles in Barrington, IL. I'm jealous of the commenter that had apple tarte tatin every morning. We just ("just") got pain au chocolat and brioche. It was a fabulous wedding, and I really don't feel the need to experience my own, having lived through Dan and Mary's.

Mary on Aug 13, 2009

Thank you Prathi! She is really the most appropriate person to give all of you my wedding dress info, as she was my fashion consultant through the entire process. She remembers every designer we saw (and we saw a lot ... ). We looked at many, far more expensive dresses, but this one was the best. Thank you for all of the comments (and I am feeling the same about the apple tarte tatin...I am going to have to ask Madame Suzanne about this!).

Joy on Aug 14, 2009

that is so cool!!! and her dress is VERY pretty - looks like it might sparkle in the light!!

Invite By Voice on Aug 14, 2009

I am a designer and these are my favorite cards I have seen yet. Why not add a elegant touch to have the invitation with a message spoken in French? I would like to introduce you to a unique way of sending wedding invitations with SOUND! We also have beautiful folios and boxes to present an invitation like this ticket inside. Please see our wonderful selection of products at www.invitebyvoice.com.

MaeMae on Aug 18, 2009


My Simple Details on Aug 27, 2009

Amazing dress. It just sparkles and flows.

Wellykiwi on Sep 11, 2009

Does anyone know if the dress can be bought from a stockist, or was it made as an individual design? I've tried emailing Wedding Belles in Barrington, IL with no response? I love the dress so much!

Wellykiwi on Sep 16, 2009

Hi there, I have finally gotten an answer from Wedding Belles, but all they were able to tell me is that they don't sell that dress. Does anyone have anymore information at all by any remote chance, pretty please? I'd love to wear this dress, does anyone even know the name of the dress or if it was a one off original design? Has anyone seen the type of fabric it's made out of anywhere? It's so amazing.

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