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Right to left, top to bottom: flickr, Montmarte, Sarah Seven, Matthew Rolston, Nicolette Camille.

Social Love

Sonja on Apr 23, 2009

I am LOOOOOOV'in it!!!

Erin on Apr 23, 2009

Love, love, love! Your color boards do it for me.

Molly on Apr 23, 2009

Pretty! THANK YOU for not including any macaroons! Blog land has almost turned me off to them. Le sigh! Beautiful board, keep up the good work!

Michelle on Apr 23, 2009

SO fab! I am inspired to try hot pink and prune! Who would have thought?

alison on Apr 23, 2009

i love it - ooh la la is right! xox

sara.jane on Apr 23, 2009

Your boards are so beautiful! Your site is lovely and I think the blog name is just FANtastic. :) Keep up the good work ladies! Side note: The chick with the cute pink shoes on the board, I wish I had legs like hers. HAHA

Evy on Apr 23, 2009

Gorgeous palette. Love it!

Michelle May on Apr 23, 2009

Confession: I have to come visit everyday...sometimes more than once! Your color selections are so inspiring. You are making brides and designers open their mind to original combinations. Thank you, Thank you. Put the cookie cutters away!

Heather on Apr 23, 2009

Hey, that's my first medium format camera. Our boards have a life of their own......a good life!

Typographer on Apr 23, 2009

Fuschia is written as «Fuchsia» (Name of a Blossom) Great site, i love it! Many thanks!

San Francisco Style Unveiled on Apr 23, 2009

Oooh, la la LOVE ... what a great post!! This color palette is all kinds of sexy! ~xoxo Heather Sharpe

julie green on Apr 24, 2009

gorgeous color board. i'm already married but i still love your blog for inspiration.

vicki on Apr 25, 2009

Wow....what a beautiful blog! So glad I found you!

[email protected] on Apr 27, 2009

Sexy! Goooooorgeous pallete

[email protected] on Apr 28, 2009

Wow! Your blog rocks my bloggin world. This colour board is gorgeous! Where do you get yr inspiration from!?!

Nichole on Apr 28, 2009

I am in LOVE with this! you have inspired me to make some color boards of my own! Gorgeous!!

Rachel (jolie jolie) on Apr 28, 2009

i love this board! such movement and texture! :)

RhiannonM on May 7, 2009

I love the shoes! And incorporating the Smarties is a very good idea for any pastel, sweet colored wedding! Awesome!

Agnes on Jan 30, 2011

Sooooo sexxxy!!!! I love it!

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