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Hello, we are Heather and Jon from One Love Photo, a husband and wife photo team. We have an uncompromising artistic style and move in the opposite direction of cliche wedding photography. Which means we won't make the groom dip the bride or put the veil over the groom's head and we definitely won't make the wedding party all jump at the same time.

We capture weddings using a combination of cameras and techniques. In addition to using digital gear, we also shoot with a Hasselblad medium format film camera, homemade custom lenses and even a couple plastic toy cameras. Images shot with our film cameras and lenses have their own look and feel. Some produce beautiful vignettes, some are square, and some make things soft and dreamy. Our images combine the style and sensibility of today's generation with yesterday's vintage look and feel.

Their work, it just feels like home. It's so warm and real and passionate. And feels perfectly true to each couple and their wedding day. Plus they love using interesting compositions and all sorts of cameras, which is pretty fun too.

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Shaylah Fawn DeViney writes: December 4, 2010

Heather is a DREAM. I could not have wished for a more magnificent artist to photograph and treasure the spontaneous, the sweet, and the silly things that happened on our wedding day. She has the peace & patience that every wedding photographer should have (and she makes you feel so lovely). I will still be bragging about her at my 50th wedding anniversary!

Jeremy Hohengarten writes: October 19, 2011

One Love was the best investment for our wedding. They are the best photographers ever. I want to be like them.

Sarah L writes: October 20, 2011

I give my highest recommendation for Heather and Jon. From the moment I saw their wedding portfolios i was smitten, and the photos they took at my wedding really exceeded my wildest hopes. The photos they took are spectacular and always take me right back to the magic of the day. I did a good amount of research on photographers at comparable price points before choosing One Love, and I found the quality of their photos much higher than the others. Heather and Jon are true artists. Finally, I found them a pleasure to work with from start to finish--they are just wonderful people, great to be around. They were both fun and totally professional during our portraits and somehow managed to get phenomenal shots during the ceremony and reception while remaining extremely discrete. Hire them now if your wedding date is available!

Katie writes: October 30, 2011

Heather and Jon are the best! They make the most beautiful photographs, capturing all of the special moments during your day. We did not hire a videographer for budget reasons and we didn't need to! Heather and Jon caught it all. And, on top of the pure artistic talent, they are fun, laid-back people. I received a lot of feedback about how discrete and professional they were during our wedding. I can't wait to find an excuse to use their services again.

Patti B. writes: November 2, 2011

LOVE Heather and Jon! I've had the blessing of knowing them for many years, personally and professionally. When we set a date for our wedding, the first call I made was to Heather to get on her schedule. There was no way I would let anybody else shoot the most important day of our lives! Their talent, creativity and professionalism is off the charts. Every detail and more is caught in their wildly imaginative photography. When they shoot, it feels like you have dear friends capturing your big day. Thankfully for me, they are!

Sarah S. writes: November 15, 2011

The best money we spent on our wedding. They were professional, yet totally relaxed and comfortable. Their photos are exactly what we wanted: vignettes of the day, little snippets of memories put on paper. Delightful to work with & breathtaking results. Just book 'em already.

April R. writes: November 20, 2011

Oh, YAY for Heather and Jon and One Love Photo! They are absolutely the sweetest, most talented, kind and lovely people and their photos are beyond amazing - just pure magic. Do yourself a favor and hire these two darling, talented artists to photograph your wedding, an anniversary, a party - anything! SOOO worth it. My husband and I have been married for two years now, and adore our pictures. We still have friends and guests who were at our wedding comment on how fantastic the album and slideshow are, how natural and relaxed the photos look, and how timeless and lovely they are. We will be friends and fans of One Love Photo for life. Thank you, Heather & Jon!

Jenni + Thomas writes: November 25, 2011

These two bring a force of creativity and thoughtfulness like no other. After seeing their work, we knew they were the only ones that could capture our wedding day and preserve how we knew it would feel – dreamy and so freaking fun! We are so happy to have had our lives intertwined with theirs, even if it was only for one physical day, a special connection will continue on throughout the rest of our lives which shines through in every single photo they took. <3, Jenni and Thomas

Sharon Seo writes: November 28, 2011

One Love Photo~ Heather and Jon are the best and the most amazing photographers!! They made our special day so gorgeous and dreamy...they are fun to work with and fabulous talented duo and remarkable professionals!! Their photos are artistic, intelligent, unique, creative, sophisticated, brilliant, timeless, flawless... Our wedding photos are so perfect and it’s the most beautiful memories that my husband and I will embrace and treasure forever~~ One Love Photo will continue to be in our lives capturing our upcoming lovely chapters…Heather and Jon are #1!!!

Heather Kehrberg writes: December 8, 2011

I have been sitting here trying and trying to find the right words that would give Heather & Jon of One Love Photo the justice they deserve...and I have decided that there are no words to describe our admiration for them. Not only are they wildly talented, but they are also two of the sweetest, most genuine people you will ever come across. Just as I did when I saw my now husband for the first time, I feel in love at first sight with Heather & Jon's photography. Their work is so organic and pure...nothing appears staged or fake. They have an ability to capture the love between a couple by merely standing back and observing...while snapping pictures along the way. Asking One Love Photo to capture the story of our wedding day was, easily, the BEST decision we made throughout the entire process. Not only do we have absolutely beautiful photos to look back on and relive our day all over again...but we also feel as though we made two new lifetime friends along the way. We honestly cannot say enough great things about this amazing pair.

Nick G. writes: December 29, 2011

I was drawn to Heather and Jon’s photographic style immediately, and the plethora of pictures that they had posted on their website spoke to me right off the bat. I was hoping to tell the story of our wedding through the amazing dreamy style that these guys are complete guru’s of, and was not at all looking for traditional (read boring) wedding photography. I was looking for artwork that would instill an “epic-old-fashioned” overwhelming experience to anybody who viewed it. And, these guys produced exactly that. While they can do traditional portraits for Grandma with ease, they shine by capturing very creative angles and lighting in unparalleled ways. Epic, unbelievable, and surreal sums up their style, and nobody else can do what they do that I’ve ever seen. These guys are some of my favorite artists of all time, across all art forms, hands down. They are the Jimi Hendrix team of photography: completely untouchable and timeless, and rocking the world over. And besides all that, they are the most down to earth people, and fill the room with love and positivity. Great people, great work, world class artists, enough said.

Julie + Jason writes: August 3, 2012

One Love Photography was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day! First off, Heather & Jon are just an amazing couple. They are so nice and so easy to get along with. They really took the time to get to know not only us but ALL of our guests on a personal level. We feel that not only did we get incredible photos from our wedding but we made some life long friends in the process. Their professionalism was exceptional. They work so well together just feeding off of each others creativity. It was just incredible to see them in action. As for their photography, well its AMAZING! They really captured every moment of our destination wedding. The story is told so well through their talents and artistic vision. I cannot say enough good things about this pair. I highly recommend them to anyone needing some photography work. I want to have another event just to hire them again! Heather & Jon, Thanks for everything!

Aneet + Sarah writes: September 2, 2012

Heather and Jon are just good people. They have a fantastic warmth to them that lets you think about anything other than pictures and their body of work is completely reflective of their personality and awesome character. They are truly professionals at the top of their craft and have the ability to transform the way you feel at your wedding onto a canvas of pictures that will forever be the most cherished documents you will ever possess. The pictures they took of our wedding reminded us of our emotions that day and now we can rest easy that we can relive them through their eyes whenever we wish. That is the fantastic gift that they have given us. It's Magic.

Chenoa + Valerie writes: November 7, 2012

If you are looking for a wedding photographer STOP looking!! You will not find anyone more amazing. Heather and Jon are a complete joy to work with and incredibly flexible. We had a very small wedding and they seamlessly fit in. Everyone adored getting to know them, making us all feel at ease. As a result our pictures are magical and breathtaking! They have such a wonderful artistic eye and capture the most precious candid shots. Your photos are the best investment; they let you relive your wedding day. Heather and Jon produce such amazing shots because they are never forced. Instead, they quietly capture whatever is authentic to you as a couple. I cannot say enough good things about them and neither can anyone else who has seen our photos!

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