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The A-list: AE Planning + Design

October 1, 2011

Today we’re beyond pleased to introduce you to one our favorite event planning and designers, Alison of  AE Planning + Design. She creates the most beautiful events and we’re always excited to see her newest work.

What is or has been your favorite wedding moment?
I think one of the best moments for me as a designer is being there on the day. After all the hard work into putting an event together (all the emails, all the walkthroughs, the back and forth on what to do on the head table). To arrive on the wedding day and present my bride, who typically becomes a friend, with her flowers and see her utter happiness. The energy around her and her friends and family is so infectious. Everyone is so light and excited. That’s when I realize I really do love what I do. To be a part of such a special part of peoples lives is pretty humbling.

Favorite wedding trend of the moment?
My favorite moment is always around the ceremony as that is when all the emotions are so heightened (even mine!) After all, its often a year we are working closely with a couple and so there is such a bond between myself and the couple so I know so much about their family (good, bad and challenging) I generally stand with my bride and her father before they walk down the aisle so I am there for the last moments…often a very sweet and endearing time between father and daughter (and mother when applicable). I love watching the bride as she approaches the groom and seeing the face of the groom, the parents and family.

I also love it when the couple exchanges vows (especially when the vows are written by the couple) as that can be a highly touching and personal moment of truth. This is generally when I shed a tear:-)

Then lastly the kiss and the recessional. Some of the best photos I have ever seen are when the couple is walking down the aisle after the ceremony, so joyous!

Wedding trend you’d love to see disappear forever?
Typewriters and vintage suitcases, excessive paper materials and paper flags. I realize to a new bride these appear to be new ideas but as a planner and designer it’s had it’s course. I might even go so far to say massive tall tiered wedding cakes are also a thing of the past. I love the little 2-3 tier cake, I think its simple and understated.

Do you have a favorite song/band/style of music? Does it define or help shape your work?
I actually love indie/singer songwriter music like Bon Iver, Elbow, and The Foals, …but I also love some oldies like Steely Dan & Fleetwood Mac. I love going to live shows so I often am seeing a band once a month. I am also a sucker for old school hip hop, the 90’s produced some good stuff like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest. it never gets old for me. I also love listening to NPR if I want to catch up on news and hear interesting stories or stream KCRW which is a radio station based out of LA, they have great, great, music. I like listening to KCRW and NPR in the office as I think it keeps us all connected to what is happening…and then on-site I love it when we are setting up if we can crank up the music. it gets all the vendors in the mood. I have an ipod play list with a mix of crowd pleaser jams for when we are setting up.

Is there an artist/designer/generally creative person in a totally different field who inspires you?
I love architecture, photography and interior design… love textiles from the 50’s. I am more inspired from my travels then by a specific designer or artist however. i can be sitting in a cafe in Barcelona or at a hole in the wall cafe in the caribbean and be inspired by a fabricated lighting piece or a table cloth or even the presentation of a cocktail. One of my favorite artists is Andrew Goldsworthy, he does amazing art installations in nature. I love he free form and organicness. I hope the work we do portrays that one with the space (and one with the couple) that Andrew’s work does

If you weren’t a planner, what would you be?
I would be a photographer. I love love love love love taking photos. I literally max out my iphone every couple months. I also have a SDLR cannon 5D that I take with me when I travel….but honestly I kinda like shooting with the iphone better and then throwing my images into an app like cross process or instagram or shake it.

Favorite summer food?
I love Sweet corn, maine lobster and a beautiful fruit salad in the summertime…and when I am on the east coast I love Carvel ice cream. Fudgie the whale is a staple at my birthday since I was 5.

Thanks Alison for sharing a little piece of the woman behind the magic!

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