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Dear ESB: How do I plan the most awesomest bachelorette party?

March 22, 2011
East Side Bride is back. Yay! We’ve missed her.

Doesn’t it seem like bachelorette party planning is something that gets sorely neglected on the blogs? Clearly ESB has some fun ideas on how to do it right. The pink eye makeup is a must.

Dear ESB,

My best girl is getting married in December and I want to throw her a bachelorette like none other. I’ve only ever been to one bachelorette so I don’t have much to go on from first-hand experience, but I want it to feel just as fun and original as she is. I feel like you’re into the gist of what I’m going for – I liked the sound of your gold heels, pink ‘buy me a shot’ tee, and yeah, we’re definitely skipping the peen paraphernalia. My friend is a wild child, big fan of Lady Gaga, and an intelligent little feminista. I want to have some surprises and fun activities worked into the night and I would l o v e to hear any ideas that pop into your stylish, bold, & badass head.


1. Invite all the bridesmaids, obv, and anyone else the bride wants to add to the list. Don’t be afraid to include a rogue friend-of-a-friend who is known to be fun and a little bit crazy.

2. Reserve a hotel suite somewhere cheap(ish) but cool like The Standard or The Ace.

3. Gaga it up with a record player and some scented candles while you hang out and do each other’s makeup. For the bride: pink eyeshadow + fake lashes. A lightning bolt if she’s feeling it. (Here’s a how-to.)

4. Have an early drink somewhere scene-y to get in the mood. Practice flirting with the bartenders.

5. Eat dinner. We don’t want the bride barfing later when she does too many shots on an empty stomach.

6. Suit er up with a pink feather boa and a gigantic flashing diamond ring.

7. Outside the next bar, arrange for a couple of adorable young actor/musicians with a guitar and a ukelele to serenade the bride. Perhaps with an acoustic version of a Lady Gaga song? Followed by a romantic old favorite that may or may not make her melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.

8. Have some drinks. Pecker Party Straws are FUNNY! but optional. (These Bachelorette Party Truth or Dare Cards are pretty funny too.)

9. Hit another bar. Are you picking up on the theme here? I’m certainly not endorsing wild, out-of-control, binge drinking, but I do think it’s important for this wild child to have a last hurrah. If she struts around a bar in a pink boa, men will buy her drinks. And she’ll remember that there are other men in the world. And then she’ll realize (all over again) that her man is the man she wants to be with.

10. Hide some good snacks in your luggage. You’ll thank yourself at the end of the night.

Lady Gaga portrait by Kane Skennar; studded leather platform sandals by Camilla Skovgard. You can see all of ESB’s posts on 100LC here.