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Dear ESB: What do I put in my hair?

October 28, 2010

We have another installment of the guest column by East Side Bride today. Hooray! This one is something all brides can relate to. And ESB has the perfect solution, as always. Here we go:

Dear ESB,

I’ve attached a photo of my wedding dress. Do you have suggestions on what to wear in my hair? I’m over the birdcage, I’m over the tulle. Everyone has flowers. Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I’ve effed myself with this situation, my dress is cream and I’m just not finding anything right now.

Lemme know.

(That is not me in the picture, btw.)


Dear That Is Not Me,

I think you should go with a good old-fashioned veil. I think, in fact, the good old-fashioned veil is about to come back with a VENGEANCE. (You heard it here first).

How bout this silk tulle version with lace trim by Twigs & Honey? It’s tulle that doesn’t scream T-U-L-L-E, if you know what I mean. And I think it’ll give just the right touch of softness to the lace badassery that is your dress.


p.s. Myra is happy to do custom orders if you give her enough lead time, so by all means get the veil in cream.