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hello, amazing calligraphic inspiration resource

March 6, 2009

Ok, you might need to sit down for this one. Preferably with a pot of tea, to dive into a world of loveliness. We found this amazing calligraphic resource through Uppercase a looong time ago and have been awaiting the perfect time to share, which happens to be now.


If you’re looking for utterly elegant style inspiration for your wedding invitations or favors, you must pay IAMPETH a visit. Their collection of Spencerian initials, ornamental lettering, amaaazing bird drawings and scrollwork are sure make you drool. (make sure you check out their Rare Books!)    

post1_type post3_type calligraphy

If you’re feeling courageous and want to try your hand at creating lettering for your wedding, they feature videos you can watch to learn how (but you might want to start learning 6 months or so before your invitations need to go out 😉  Or you could take the sensible route and get in touch with Maybelle, Betsey, Nancy, Emilie, Graceful Studio or Laura to help you out with your wedding ephemera. They know a thing or two about calligraphy.