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  • Jessica & Erin! writes: January 8, 2012
    “Here are a few testimonials from some of our wonderful brides!

    Hi Erin & Jess! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing such an beautiful job on our hair and makeup for my wedding day! You two do fabulous work and everything turned out perfect! Thank you! I got so many compliments and the makeup turned out Beautiful in the photos and Philip said I still looked like me. :) Thanks again and Happy New Year! Carly Strom :)

    Ladies! The wedding was so awesome--I really couldn't have asked for anything more. I'm so happy you were a part of the most amazing day ever, and I got soooo many compliments on my hair and makeup. :) I will definitely send you the link to the Matt and Nellie flikr page as soon as the pics are up and would be happy to leave a review or anything that would be helpful. Just tell me where! We should have a lady date soon. I'm chillin' like a villain, so keep me posted on when you want to meet up. Lunch or drinks, perhaps? Anyhoo, thank you again for being so fantastic, and I can't wait to hang! xoxo Nellie

    Dear Primp, Thank you so Very Much for your beautiful work on the ladies and me on my wedding day. My look was exactly what I wanted and you did an amazing job! You really made me look and feel like 5 Million BUCKS!! Thank You & Take Care, Elaine

    Hello Erin and Jess!!! I have decided to send you couple of the photos of the gorgeous hair do that you created for me on my wedding day!!! I totally and completely LOVED IT!! everybody LOVED IT!!! I have received numerous compliments on it!!! I still do not have Professional photos yet, just got a sneak peak, so here you go, ladies!!! THANK YOU again!!! SO much!!! Very happy Bride!! Vitaliya

    Dear Erin and Jess - Thank you SOOOOO much for everything -- you guys were seriously amazing. Everyone looked beautiful, Bridget's dress stayed on all night and you guys were amazing to work with. So really, thank you so much again. If you guys have any websites you would like me to write a review on, I would be more than happy to! <3 Jacquie

    "Erin and Jessica could not have done a more perfect job on my wedding day hair and make-up. From knowing exactly what I wanted on the first trial (I cried tears of joy when I saw myself in the mirror), to helping me actually make it to the ceremony by quelling a panic attack - they were the most professional best friends a bride could ask for! Love you ladies!!! " -Alessia

    "Primp is in a league of their own... Truly a pleasure to work with! Professional, talented, and trendy, what more could you ask for"? - Elizabeth

    Hello! OMG how rude am I?!! I have totally been meaning to email you for the past 3 weeks and for one reason or other I keep forgetting. So here goes... Seriously ladies, thank you SO SO much for the wonderful wedding hair and makeup service that you provided for my wedding party. We had such a blast. Even my Mum has said she wants to write to you and thank you. Bless her! We were all so pleased with everything and thoroughly enjoyed our morning of pampering. I seriously wouldn't have changed a thing. All of our hair and makeup lasted the whole day, oh except one of my friends hugged me and got her watch caught in my hair, that kinda "loosened" things a little. No drama though. I wish we could do the whole day over, it was such fun. It was so nice meeting you both and maybe our paths will cross again :-) Have a great wedding season. All the best, Lindsay (now Duckham!)

    Hello hello Erin! I'm fully back! Thank you for writing this e-mail. I also was very glad to have you here! You made me feel very confident and beautiful! So all the pictures are gorgeous!! It was an incredible day, for me, my family and friends. We were partying at 2am and my makeup and rose were intact! AMAZING! I still don't have the "official fotos", people have send me some, so maybe I can forward them to you little by little. This are in black and white... I promise to send you more. Stay in touch, practice your Spanish and enjoy. Aurora

    Hello Jess, Happy new year! Hope this note finds you well. This is a very belated thank you SO much for all your help with our wedding way back in July at the Alger House! My sister, mother, and I were all very happy with your hair and makeup work, both that day and now looking back at photos. And, as my sister pointed out, it was truly an amazing and professional makeup job you did -- despite breaking out into tears about 5 minutes after you left, my makeup still looked remarkably fresh and nice! (Also I should probably thank my sister and hubby, too, as they carefully tried to catch and dry my tears before they fell too far down my face. Ha. Last-minute stress!! :) Also, I really enjoyed working with you -- you were always very kind, prompt, professional, and down to earth -- you made figuring out the hair & makeup stuff an easy part of the time-consuming wedding planning process! Thank you again for all your help, and I wish you all the best in the new year! If you are still in that awesome apartment by Astoria Park, perhaps our paths will cross again one day soon in the 'hood! Sincerely, Laura Iwane”
  • li writes: February 19, 2014
  • li writes: February 19, 2014
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