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  • Barb Salzman of Hatch Creative Studio writes: December 1, 2010
    “Jenny is a truly wonderful photographer who seems to capture moments you didn't event know were happening. Her attention to detail and incredible talent with a camera is amazing. You will absolutely love working with her.”
  • Bethany writes: February 16, 2011
    “I can recommend Jenny with complete confidence. Actually I can't recommend her highly enough! The photos that she took of our wedding are amazing, from the detail shots to the family portraits, the party shots and the prep shots. Jenny and her assistant Brian were an absolute pleasure to work with, true professionals in every sense. Jenny approached every bit of the day with a great sense of humor, a great eye and genuine pleasure in being part of the day. We were especially impressed by her way of dealing with the bridal party and big family portraits; she directed people incredibly well. We are so happy that we worked with her. It was one of the best vendor decisions we made!”
  • kevin & jen writes: February 21, 2011
    “We just made the choice to work with Jenny as our NYC Wedding Photographer. We met with many other NYC Wedding Photographers and we thought that Jenny was the best Wedding Photographer for our personal needs. She made us feel comfortable and we really like her Wedding Photography style. Our wedding is in April and we are very excited to work with Jenny Ebert and the 1. Art Beauty Life team.”
  • Kelly writes: February 21, 2011
    “Jenny came highly recommended by my cousin who is a fashion consultant. My main concern about my wedding photography was that I wanted it to be art, not just some snapshots taken from a fancy camera. After reading some reviews on Jenny and studying her portfolio, I determined that Jenny was the artist I was looking for. Jenny has an eye for photography, you will never regret selecting her. You will only regret not selecting her. Her and her partner both do a great job and are very successful at going unnoticed at your wedding. They also dress really cool, unlike other wedding photographers. They are also customer service oriented. If someone in my family wanted a special shot off of my shot list, not only did they take the shot but they found the perfect place and lighting for the shot. Remember, when your big day is done, the only memory you will have of that day are the photographs. That is why it is imperative that you select the best photographer. Jenny is not just a photographer, she is an artist. Check out her portfolio.”
  • K8NYC writes: February 21, 2011
    “Brian and assistant Joe shot our wedding in October 2009. They did a beautiful job and were very attentive to the shot list we provided them. They were professional and conscientious, and we love the photos they took. My only regret is that Jenny wasn't available that day!! Her portfolio is fantastic and she is truly an amazing photographer. Your photos will be a unique representation of your wedding day, not the same typical shots you see framed in all your less-stylish friends' apartments ;) Jenny also has awesome photo albums that look like coffee-table books!”
  • Maureen writes: February 22, 2011
    “I can't say enough good things about Jenny. She was initially our wedding photographer 2 years ago and took the most stunning photographs we could have imagined. Her eye is unique and sophisticated, yet so personal. Her shots weave a story, she is a true artist. I have gone on to use her to shoot my pregnancy portraits, as well as the shots of my baby girl at 4 months. We will continue use her from here on it, she is a treasure.”
  • Tim Allen writes: February 23, 2011
    “I can't say enough about how well and beautifully Jenny captured our wedding day. Four years later I still adore the timeless images she took that captured the beauty and the humor of the day. She has a nuanced eye and will captures moments that are truly precious. She is a professional, timely and a calming force through out the day. Jenny has played a starring role in commemorating our wedding in a beautiful way.”
  • TJ writes: February 23, 2011
    “I saw Jenny's pictures on one of the wedding blog and had kept it as one of my favorite wedding pictures. Little did I know that I will get the chance to work with her! And it was a great experience!! She captured the wedding memory perfectly. I looked beautiful :) and I got to enjoy the wedding and my guests because I didn't have to worry about how the picture will turn out.”
  • MYR writes: February 23, 2011
    “Jenny shot our wedding in November 2008 and she was amazing through the whole process. First, her work is STUNNING. Jenny is so creative yet flexible... she really helped us to figure out what it was we wanted. She also took the time to get to know us, and in doing so, captured the very best moments of a perfect day. :)”
  • MR writes: February 24, 2011
    “Jenny was just what I was looking for in a wedding photographer - she took beautiful, natural looking shots without anything looking forced. Great results and she was fun to work with - incredibly responsive both before and after the wedding. She was great!”
  • Clover writes: February 24, 2011
    “Jenny makes great photos. High quality and diverse, we had lots of options to choose from. She was also very professional and discreet and yet, somehow, also like a good friend that happens to be an amazing photographer. We were ever so happy to have her as part of our day.”
  • Michael LiDondici writes: February 25, 2011
    “From the moment we met Jenny, we knew she had to be our wedding photographer. Her pictures speak for themselves; but, what's more, she's kind and genuine, and she makes you comfortable enough to just be you. My wife and I are always saying that when it comes to all the planning we did for our wedding, working with Jenny was our best decision. You will not regret it. We love our wedding photos, and the time we spent with Jenny on our wedding day is a part of our fondest memories. In our opinion, she's the best wedding photographer money can buy. Thanks, Jenny! We love you!”
  • Stacy writes: February 27, 2011
    “It's been a few years now since the wedding and Sandu and I and our friends and family have had time to go over your photos dozens of times and stare and stare at the frames prints on the walls. And you know what? They never, ever feel old. One of our biggest fears was that our wedding pics would start to feel sort of stale and samey, like all those dozens of cookie-cutter photos you see on other photographers' websites. Not the case with yours. You have an eye -- and for the formal pics, a sense of direction -- that allowed you to see the tiny little details that we missed in the confusion but that made our wedding touchingly our own. Your sense of color, depth, action, and emotion are obviously so superbly honed that every photo feels like you took ages to set up. And the best part? You are *so* much fun to work with. When we were crazed, you "did your thing" and we never had to think about it. And when we were getting ready, or horsing around later, you blended right in with our crowd. Your humor and relaxed attitude were just what we needed on a day when so often it's the photographer who makes the bride cry. Instead, you made us laugh, and your photos still do. Thank you!!”
  • Ninon writes: March 2, 2011
    “We were exceptionally pleased with our choice of 1. Art Beauty Life as our NYC Wedding Photographer. Jenny Ebert not only has heart and vision, but she also listened! –to what we wanted. We had met with several photographers, many of whom told us what photos they would take of us, and how they would do it, with no interest in our wishes. Then we met with Jenny and it was clear that she not only got us, and got our wedding, but could bring something original and beautiful to the pictures. And she did! We were married at the historic Friends Meeting House in Flushing Queens, where flashbulbs and elaborate rigs would have been intrusive to the wedding ceremony. Not only were the photographers unobtrusive, but thanks to their technical mastery, they got great shots in difficult conditions. Shots we requested and shots we were pleasantly surprised by. As unobtrusive as they were at the ceremony, they were fun and fit right in with the exuberance of the reception. They didn’t just capture moments, they freed them. In short we are so grateful that we found and chose 1. Art Beauty Life and Jenny Ebert as our wedding photographer, grateful for their artistry, their spirit, and the wedding pictures we and our growing family so cherish.”
  • Nicole writes: March 2, 2011
    “It has been just over 9 months since our wedding in New York. Mark and I travelled from Ireland to New York for our big day so we had anticipated that working out the logistics of it all would be slightly more difficult than normal. We were wrong!! Dealing with Jenny was an absolute pleasure. For me the photographer was one aspect of the wedding I was quite nervous about but there was no need for this at all. Jenny and her assistant (Ben as far as I can remember!) were so professional and easy going and made the whole photo experience easy and enjoyable. I feel her approach and friendliness made it that much easier for us and our families on the day. The photos we received are absolutely AMAZING!! We could not have hoped for better. I still look at them on a regular basis. We have had a good few framed which are now displayed around my home, we have received so many lovely compliments about them. Jenny was recommended to us by our wedding planner and in our opinion we could not have picked a more professional, talented or pleasant person to cover our big day. Huge THANKS to Jenny and all her staff for a seamless day and fabulous memories. I would have absolutely NO hesitation to recommend her to any future bride and I wish her and her staff continued success in the future. Nicole & Mark (Ireland)”
  • Amanda & Eric writes: March 3, 2011
    “I can't say enough fabulous things about Jenny. She was by far our absolute favorite vendor out of all the caterers, musicians, djs, flower people, seamstresses, goodness...there were so many people to deal with! As far as our photos, she totally got what we were looking for, memorized the shot list and had all the confidence we needed her to have to get through the day no matter what might be thrown our way. She is also really amazing at reading the situation, site, weather, light +++ and then capturing the moment. Did you see her fog shots from Prospect Park - amazing!”
  • Stephanie & Nick writes: March 5, 2011
    “Jenny was our FAVORITE vendor of our entire wedding. She should be the easiest decision you make in planning your wedding. My husband and I had a horrible time planning our wedding as our venue lost its lease 3 months after we signed a contract; thus, 9 months before our wedding we had to look for a new beach front location on Long Island (not a simple feat). It took us about 5 months to settle a contract with the same owners at another location. Even though we did not have a wedding venue, we knew that we could not let Jenny go. She was the first vendor we booked (and the only one we had booked for about 4 months since we had no idea where we were going to get married). All we knew was that even if we eloped, Jenny was coming with us. Not only is Jenny so incredibly creative and talented, but during our wedding she was so calm and so much fun to work with; I would have been a lot more nervous without her there. She did not make us pose in cheesy ways and she took so many fun shots. Most importantly, she is an amazing person. You will spend the most time of your wedding with your photographer and your day of coordinator (and I actually spent more time with Jenny than my coordinator because my coordinator was off coordinating). The photos she took for our wedding were needless to say amazing. Everyone commented on how great she was and how beautiful the photos were when they were ready and we look at them regularly. Throughout this process, Jenny has become not only our wedding photographer but a friend. She e-mails us to see how we’re doing and to give us updates. We can’t wait to work with her in the future. We know that when we have children, we will definitely hire Jenny to take pictures for those special moments.”
  • Samantha writes: March 6, 2011
    “Jenny was absolutely FABULOUS to work with and her work EXCEEDED our expectations! I met Jenny at a wedding expo @ the New York Palace and after meeting her and seeing her work I was confident she was the right wedding photographer for us. Her creativity and eye for detail sold me and she was a joy to work. She took our engagement photos as well and was open to our requests. Of all the vendors/components of the wedding, I was confident Jenny would be there and snapping away. If we require a photographer in the future, we will call her without any hesitation!”
  • winkerty writes: March 7, 2011
    “JENNY IS THE BEST! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME MEETING WITH OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS. One word: amazing! She just gets it. Hugely professional, always responsive during the planning phase and helpful. At the wedding she can somehow wrangle a crowd without raising her voice and gets all the pictures you want. And THEN SOME! The pictures were amazing. She captured everything perfectly. Us, our parents and family, nieces and nephews. And somehow she got shots that represent them and the feel of the wedding. It's like she had known us for years. We recommend her to EVERYONE and will use her over and over for family photos. She is just the best.”
  • Deepa writes: March 8, 2011
    “Jenny and the team were pretty fantastic! They did our crazy Indian massive circus of a wedding. Very professional and very accommodating. No cheesy, fake pictures. She really took how happy and exciting the event was and put it on film. We had lucked into finding her and would definitely recommend her to anyone.”
  • Anne & Rob Russo writes: March 8, 2011
    “I am a fashion stylist and I have worked with many photographers. Being in the "biz" I was extremely critical when it came to choosing a wedding photographer. I wanted something artistic but not forced or gimmicky - no "fishbowl lenses" or "ESPN shots" (run, jump, etc.) or the creepy posed shots with Soap Opera blurry lighting effects. Jenny is great and does her job with professionalism, creativity, patience, humor and enthusiasm. She really has an eye for the beautiful and captures the emotions of the day. She "gets it"-people, the tone of an event, what are the important shots-and her taste level is pitch perfect. Unobtrusive, she lets guests get their shots, as she is more than getting yours. So many compliments about her and her assistant... and that was before anyone saw a single picture! And once the pictures came, they were breathtaking. So much so that my cousin hired her for her wedding several months later. And her pictures were amazing as well. After it's all over, and the planning is done and the moneys gone, all you have are your memories and pictures so definitely pick the right photographer. If I were to ever have an important event where I needed a photographer, I would hire Jenny again and again.”
  • Kate and David writes: March 14, 2011
    “Jenny was a pleasure to work with. She shot our engagement and wedding pictures, and we were so happy with how they came out. She really capatured the day! Jenny was always easy to get in touch with if we had any questions, and she definitely made the wedding planning easy and stress free. I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a great photographer, who has a way to make you feel very comfortable being photographed!”
  • Laura writes: April 24, 2011
    “Jenny impressed me from beginning to end when we hired her to photographer our wedding. Her website and samples gave a representative introduction to her work, and she explained every option and detail to my husband when he initially met with her. Not only was she thorough, she was also incredibly friendly and easy to work with. Jenny answered emails and calls promptly, which was a huge plus since we lived two hours away and could not come to her office easily. We actually had wedding events over two days, one of which was formal and intimate and the other more casual and much larger. She captured the feeling of each occasion, even though one venue gave her very limited time, lighting, and camera angle options due its strict rules. Many of our guests commented on how accessible yet unobtrusive Jenny and her assistants were. The photographs are an amazing blend of her attention to the small details that really personalize a wedding, ability to step back and capture an overview of the scene, and intuition about which moments are going to deliver true emotion and expression. In addition to her skill as a photographer, she is reliable as she was on time to each event and delivered the proofs and CD within the specified time frame. Jenny finished out the job by sitting down with us for over an hour to plan the album. She was able to create a gorgeous book that is a perfect distillation of our wedding because she spends as much time listening as she does making suggestions and uses just as critical an eye to edit and layout her albums as she does when she shoots an event. Jenny's professionalism, talent, and personable nature make her an excellent choice.”
  • Kevin writes: September 20, 2011
    “My wife and I were planning our east coast wedding and reception from our home in Southern California. Some of the vendors we were dealing with made this a difficult process but no Jenny Ebert and 1. Art Beauty Life. He was very very accomodating and helpful both before, during and after. I wish I could say the same for all of the wedding party! The pictures came out absolutely fabulous!!!!! I've heard horror stories about how wedding photographers being too much a part of the ceremony and reception, well not with Jenny and her photographers. They blended into the background but got amazing and beautiful shots”
  • Carol & Michael writes: October 31, 2011
    “Choosing Jenny Ebert Photography for our wedding photography was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. It's simply amazing how they were able to capture emotions and movement so naturally through still images. We strongly recommend Jenny to anyone and if we require a photographer in the future, we will call her without any hesitation!”
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