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WhoaNelly! is a boutique catering company serving Los Angeles and Southern California. We offer local, seasonal, farmers market menus for events large and small.

Our long-standing relationships with local farmers ensure that we will bring the best of the market to your table. We are committed to using sustainably raised meats and fish, and embrace environmentally responsible practices in every aspect of our business.

We are passionate about our belief that restaurant quality food can be made in every setting, and we are excited to share it with you. 

While every event is unique, we are guided by these constant principles:
use the best ingredients,
handle them with care, and
serve them with love.

This is more than catering. WhoaNelly! Catering is a moveable feast.

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Brandon writes: October 16, 2012

First of all I just want to say WhoaNelly Catering is the best name ever! And that is saying a lot when considering all of the caterers in Los Angeles. Also, your food looks so amazing, way better than what you are likely to find when hiring a caterer. Its nice to see you are just serving reheated Cordon Bleu or a frighteningly long hoagie that could serve an entire platoon.I definitely bookmarked your website, and I will keep you in mind the next time anyone asks me about a good caterer.

Angel writes: November 18, 2012

Whoa Nelly Catering is amazing. One of the best caterers I have seen.

Cleaning Services writes: January 29, 2013

Amazing service, amazing quality! They are awesome!

Camarillo Cleaning Services writes: January 29, 2013

One of the best caterers in Los Angeles Hands down!

Chair Cover Rental writes: January 29, 2013

Best caterer in los angeles and southern california!

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