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Magpie Paper Works is a custom design and stationery studio specializing in handmade wedding stationery and ephemera. All of our stationery items are made with eco-friendly specialty paper stocks sourced directly from the manufacturer. We work with a variety of sustainable mills and materials to create authentic wedding products that brides can be proud to share.

From agricultural "waste" like banana stalks that would otherwise end up in landfills to organic cotton twill ribbons, 100% natural dyes, re-purposed vintage finds, and completely compostable packaging... We go beyond green buzzwords to source truly unique & light-on-the-earth wedding goodies!

We do the right thing because we love to, and we know that brides do too.

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Kathleen writes: December 1, 2011

Hello! I want to do seed wedding favors - I saw that you possibly do them? What do you charge for, say, 100 favors which would say "K + G Thank You Plant with Love" Thanks, Kathleen

Windyan writes: September 25, 2012

As not only an event coordinator, but a bride-to-be I found this book extrmeely helpful. After having experience as a wedding planner I didn't think that I needed any reading materials to help plan my reception. I'm so grateful to have received this book as a gift! There are so many awesome ideas and tips that I'm excited to use or create my own spin off.Another nice thing about this is that it's broken down so it's really easy to find what you want. So even if you don't think you want to read all of it, it's not an issue to go through and find the things that you need the most guidance on.Be sure to check this book out. It will be one of the best wedding planning tools that you can get!

danielle writes: February 6, 2013

I would like to know what the cost on about 150 seed wedding favors are.

Joanna writes: April 17, 2013

Same question as above.........what is the cost for approximately 150 seed wedding favors?

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