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Chic Weddings provide a boutique wedding design and coordination service all around Italy and offer tailor made assistance with all the aspects involved in the organisation of your big day. Our clients tend to choose us for our glamorous style, for our unconventional & flexible approach and especially for our focus on event design. Each one of our events is different from the others and reflects the personality and wishes of the bride and the groom.
We strongly believe in the pursue of freedom and in the beauty of each person’s individual taste. We encourage our brides to express themeselves in full without worrying about what others expect from them. Never try to be like someone else, never forget who you are and what you love. We have lived many years abroad and we bring our International expertise and ideas to International clients who are looking for an unconventional approach to the wedding philosophy.
We are both Italians, know the language, the culture and the territory, and we like to bring a touch of our Italian taste and glamour to our multicultural wedding celebrations.

Clara described by Eva… Clara is curious and enthusiastic,I like her courage to try innovative concepts and her ability to mix an old vintage trim with an antique book. She is a talented communicator, she has worked for many years in public relations in London and is a highly skilled event manager. Clara likes: Persian cats, The sea of Palmarola, Blue and white stripes, White simple shirts with vintage jeans, The green tea chocolate cake of Roka Japanese restaurant in London, Laboutin shoes and vintage designer gowns. Her favourite colour is aqua.

Eva described by Clara… Eva is full of passion, energy and life,she has a wonderful ability to understand other people’s visions and transform them into reality. I llike her interesting approach to the decoration of interiors obtaining always a cosy,unique and charming atmosphere. She is always looking for a warm, friendly environment around her life. Eva likes: Blue velvet, Polka dots, The colour of lavender, The scent of grass after a rainstorm, Anything that has a cool packaging, The softness of cashmere, Hermes bags and Gianbattista Valli skirts. Her favourite colour is dark purple.

Chicweddings doesn’t like:
-plastic flowers
-white covered chairs
-fear of diversity
-tasteless sandwiches and bad wine
-cheap fabrics
-fear of emotions
-overpriced poor quality items

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