Personalize your wedding correspondence with

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Personalize your wedding correspondence with

We’ve talked a lot about planning tools here at 100LC, but have you ever thought of a way to personalize your wedding correspondence *while* saving tons of time? With Bond, you can send handwritten notes from your computer or phone in seconds. Given that weddings generally have 100—150 (and sometimes, so many more!) guests coming to celebrate, this is sure to make everything from save the dates to invites to thank you notes so much easier + faster. And yep, still pretty as ever for all the special people in your life:

Personalize your wedding correspondence with

Here’s how it works: With Bond Weddings, you can send notes to up to 500 recipients at once. All designs are printed on high-quality, medium-weight paper that has a subtle texture and there are lots of handwritten note styles (all written with real ballpoint pens) to choose from.

Personalize your wedding correspondence with

As far as personalization goes, their mail merge feature makes it easy to customize each note. All you have to do is add the custom text (such as a call-out to each gift you’re saying thank you for) and when it comes time to deliver, Bond does the rest! They’ll access each note, name, and address when preparing your correspondence. From there, they even prepare the envelopes + postage (which are included with each note), and send ’em out to each and every person on your list.

Personalize your wedding correspondence with

That’s one item off the wedding checklist that you can make really special without adding a ton of additional time and energy to. You can even add international shipping if you’re inviting and thanking guests from far and wide. Cue allll the sighs of relief!

Personalize your wedding correspondence with

To create an easy, cohesive set of wedding correspondence, connect with all of your guests three times: for save the dates, the official invite, and lastly the thank you (a total must!) with Bond. Check out this lil’ clip below to see how it’s done:

Pretty cool, right? They’ve got more videos + examples on their Instagram here.

Lastly, note credits never expire. So no rush on customizing those deets! Head on over to to start sending!

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