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Hi there, I'm interested in hearing about your wedding planning options. I'm hoping I can find someone who can execute on my (sometimes indecisive!) vision with expertise and creativity within my budget. I want to do a lot of the planning myself, but definitely need someone to lead on decor and make sure I'm reviewing the right venue and vendor options. I'd also love to have coordination in the weeks leading up to the wedding and make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day. I’ve included a few thoughts below on my vision if that’s helpful, I’m open to creativity and thoughtful recommendations though! I’ll be happy if by the end of it I feel like the money spent on the wedding was worth it, i.e. that I didn’t go over board and also didn’t hold back on the real must haves that made the night. Looking forward to hearing from you! Brittani *** Overview We’d love to have a romantic, whimsical, intimate, cozy wedding somewhere with big trees and/or a wine country/garden setting. We’ll have 50-75 people. Overall, we want the wedding to feel very us and not be beholden to some of the usual traditions. It’ll be a destination wedding for almost everyone attending, so we want the weekend to feel like an experience and vacation. We want to surprise and delight our guests in a warm, enchanting environment, where by the end of it the entire group has bonded. Ceremony + Reception It’d be great to have an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful, lush setting surrounded by big trees and/or gardens. We’re open to an outdoor or indoor setting for the reception depending on the weather. If indoor, we’d want the space to feel fluid with nature, so there may be big windows or a nice place to walk outside and get some fresh air and see the view. That said, it’d be cool to see some unique venues, like wine cellars and things like that. Food We’ll want a seated dinner — fantastic food will be really important to us. We want it to be a special meal that’s part of the experience. We also don’t want a super expensive cake — we’d prefer something like s’mores and other yummy stuff. Decor Below is a link to my Pinterest — there’s a wide variety here, but overall, I’m hoping the setting and venue will be beautiful so we don’t need to break the bank on decor. Picturing a reasonable amount of flowers - some jewel tones and some natural colors - and plenty of candles on tables, rustic chairs, and hanging string lights and maybe a few other unique pieces that feel whimsical/enchanting. https://pin.it/ispzw6tmlty7a5 Music  I’d like a band that’s playing some of our favorite music along with big band / jazz / folk / blue grass music (or just one of those!), so it really feels like a timeless event — the type of party people don’t ever get to go to. Wouldn’t want to hear any overplayed wedding songs or pop music. Would also want live music playing as we walk down the aisle. I’ll be interested to see where the band + dance floor goes in any photos of the venue. Photography & Videography Definitely photographer and videographer! I don’t think I want to do a “first look” and also don’t want to spend a huge chunk of time taking pictures. Candid and artistic/creative photos will be the priority. 
Wedding location:
Northern California
Wedding date:
Saturday, October 12th, 2019
20000 - 40000
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