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Wedding Photographer Needed (4-5 hours)

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Hello! We are looking for a photographer for our ceremony and reception on from 5pm to 9pm or as late as our budget permits. We are in the process of finalizing two of our vendors which is why our budget has such a far spread. We have the ability to be a bit more flexible if we can find someone with the aesthetic that we're looking for. About us: we are pro-fun and anti-fancy. Not looking for any pictures of us holding hands and jumping, linking elbows with the wedding party (FYI there's no wedding party), or getting ready photos. Looking for someone to help us document a rad day with rad people and get a few formal pictures of our weird-ass families while they're all in the same spot. Our wedding is going to be pretty laid back. Around 100 guests in the Upper Davies Building in Farnsworth Park. Please reach out if you think you're the person for the job! Thanks!
Wedding location:
Altadena, CA
Wedding date:
Saturday, October 7th, 2017
500 - 1000
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