Simply elegant Paris wedding: Faymi + Eric

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“I wish we could run away and get married in Paris!”. Imagine having that crazy idea in the midst of planning a wedding in the U.S. and actually acting on it. We could all dream about it, yes, but our gutsy bride, Faymi, got to live it! Oh Faymi, I hope you don’t mind that we’re about to live vicariously through you. A big thanks to Corbin Gurkin for sharing these romantic shots with us, that were also recently featured in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

elegant paris france wedding

Here’s the story: Paris was a place Faymi was obsessed with since she was a little girl. During her 20’s she finally got to see it for herself, and it changed her perspective on life. Eric also shared a love for the city, after having lived there while earning his M.B.A. Every year they dated, they traveled to Paris together. Eventually Eric would surprise Faymi with a scavenger hunt engagement in the romantic city. Then came the planning. The wedding would be in the U.S, and a honeymoon would await them in France. Frustrated by the financial obligations and stresses that accompanied this big wedding they were planning, their honeymoon in France started to look like it wasn’t going to be possible. That was the pivotal point – they really wanted that time to symbolize the beginning of their journey as husband and wife. Then came the crazy idea of running away. They looked into it and realized it was so them!

elegant paris france wedding

Faymi + Eric designed and created their own invitations with the help of friend, Jenna Hein of Love Jenna, who provided the amazing calligraphy.

elegant paris france wedding

elegant paris france wedding

Faymi purchased her Vera Wang gown at a sample sale. Eric’s tux was from J.Crew, and both found their shoes at discount shoe outlet. Her jewelry was J.Crew, also on clearance, and she did her own makeup. That’s how you do Paris on a budget!

elegant paris france wedding

elegant paris france wedding

It was difficult to wind down the guest list, but we really made it just about immediate family and our closest friends. The benefit of a small wedding is the intimate feeling it has and the fact that as a bride and groom you get to spend so much more time with your guests and each other on the wedding day. By having under 20 guests, we were able to provide a wonderful formal meal with as much French wine and champagne one could enjoy in a beautiful restaurant in Paris.

elegant paris france wedding

Great tip: Choose venues that are already beautiful and that have good light or views (not hard to do in Paris). Then you don’t have to pay for a ton of decor or a clean-up crew! Faymi chose modest centerpeices with in-season flowers in a nuetral color scheme. This kept the look elegant without blowing their budget.

elegant paris france wedding

A bit of advice from a bride to you brides:

Try not to get too wrapped up into the details to where you forget about the meaning of why you are there. It can be easy to get too focused on themes, color stories and DIY projects to prove your creativity. Select aspects of your event that are most important to you and prioritize, remembering that your centerpieces and welcome baskets do not define you. Let go of the little things that may “not go right”, nobody will remember them anyway. The planning of the wedding can be fun but stressful – decisions, budgets, timing, differing opinions, etc.  Take a step back and remember what it is all about & work together to achieve your goals.  Eric and I felt so satisfied and proud of each other for all of the hard work it took for us to get the day that we wanted. It taught us so much about our potential as a team to achieve our goals. Enjoy the journey!

Photography: Corbin Gurkin / Event Planning:  Fête in France / Invitations: Bride / Calligraphy + signage: Jenna Hein of Love Jenna / Ceremony venue: American Church of Paris / Reception venue: Macéo / Flowers: Sol y Flor / Transportation: Carat Location / Cake: Sugarplum Cake Shop  / Hair stylist: Lexi DeRock

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French Grey Events on Mar 21, 2015

Hello Everyone whom thinks this wedding is beautiful, which it is! If you are in need of some advice for your Parisian wedding or elopement, please feel free to contact me, Im Paris based and love everything about weddings in Paris! Kasia

Charles Blechman on Jun 4, 2013

IDNX is something that has been missing for sometime now. Very good looking out, Thies Lindenthal

April on Mar 24, 2012

WOW~ I am insanely jealous of this wedding!

Paula on Nov 18, 2011

how cute is this cake

Meagan on Nov 8, 2011

I love the cake with the macaroons! completely beautiful! I also love the bit of advice at the end of the post. very true and I'll remember that when I plan my wedding in the future!

Abby Grace on Oct 18, 2011

That dress is a show-stopper. So beautiful! And that invitation suite? amazing!

Calie Rose on Oct 18, 2011

Absolutely beautiful. I love the story leading up to the big day. Paris is such a beautiful place (as clearly shown), the brides dress is stunning, calligraphy invitations are out of this world, the natural lighting of their venue...everything is beautiful. Congratulations!

Samantha- Woodlands Wedding Photographer on Oct 17, 2011

Oh how this makes me want to go back to Paris! I hope that we can do a wedding there soon. Its absolutely wonderful! This wedding is beautiful! Her veil is stunning on her.

lori on Oct 14, 2011

Tres elegant!

Ashley, Indie Atlantic Films on Oct 14, 2011

Her dress is DIVINE!! And I LOVE that wedding cake!!

Cindy on Oct 14, 2011

Such amazing style!!!! Love The dress... you are beautiful!!!!

Sandra Fazzino Photography on Oct 14, 2011

Favorite wedding I've seen all year! I'm so happy to read someone suggesting that the bride and groom choose a venue that has natural light and naturally beautiful atmosphere. It does create the most beautiful backdrop, allows one to simplify the details, and it is priceless in terms of the photography. I love every single inch of this wedding!!! So. Perfect.

Dominique on Oct 14, 2011

That is the way you have a gorgeous, totally classic wedding. So perfect and timeless!

Simon on Oct 14, 2011

This is just wonderful - elegant, romantic and sooo stylish. "She said 'Oui'"- fabulous!

rebecca on Oct 14, 2011

,,,oh so beautiful!,,,

Jacquelyn on Oct 14, 2011

The calligraphy is amazing - and I am in love with the back of her Vera dress!

geneve13 on Oct 14, 2011

She was my manager at Anthropologie! She has such amazing style, and is a lovely person to boot.

my honest answer on Oct 14, 2011

The calligraphy on those envelopes is something else! Beautiful.

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