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Backdrop installation

Don’t get us wrong, when Alexis of The Shift Creative shared Caroline Sleeper’s photos of her shop’s launch party we knew it would be epic. But who could’ve predicted details like this insane copper wall art, right? Being a design + event styling biz that also does majorly cool, custom installations, it makes total sense. (The piece above, Bounty, is maybe the most striking backdrop ever.) To celebrate the launch, they created three installations to mimic an art museum when guests meandered through the 31 Bits HQ.

Eye shaped cupcakes

Alexis says, My friend Jeanine from Cakes and Cuties dominated the dessert table with eye shaped cupcakes, crystal cupcakes, agate slice cookies, and homemade chocolate creme pie. Seriously, she is so talented and not only are they cute, they taste AMAZING! Along with Jeanine, Hannah’s Bananas was there in all their glory, dippin’, sprinklin’, and servin’ delicious frozen chocolate bananas from their cute little cart.

Cupcake toppers

Event signage

Art installation

Art installation

Another installation, Flee is a 15ft wool roving weaving intertwined with copper. Altar backdrop, perhaps?

The Shift Creative launch party cocktails

Event desserts

Art installation

Event decor

Art installation

Then there’s Babel, a 9ft, 360 degree installation that Alexis suggests for parties, window displays, or modern wedding décor. All the pieces were accompanied by Plexiglas signage by POPPYjack Shop:

Event calligraphy

Greenery installation

The Shift Creative shop launch party food

The food was the talk of the night! A Miho Experience killed it with a meat and cheese setup and we aren’t just talking cold cuts here! Mini corn, watermelon, candied walnuts, fresh honeycomb, bread, assorted meat, and more… Hostess Haven styled it all with her beautiful platters, copper cups, linens, and plates. Above the food table is three living installations made of greenery by Pick Tulip! She nailed it, am I right? She added her touch to numerous spots throughout the night, and further confirmed that florals have my heart!

Event calligraphy

Cupcake toppers

Naturally we had more Q’s for Alexis. Here’s what she had to say…

What inspires you?
I am constantly challenging myself. There are many times that I think I can’t do better than a previous project, but I push past boundaries, and it always turns out better than I thought it would. Additionally, I am always inspired by other artists whether it be paintings or textiles.

Eye shaped cupcakes

Launch party cupcakes

What is the best business decision you’ve made? Advice to those starting a creative business?
Just getting started, and putting myself and my work on display for everyone to view. Sometimes fear of failure can really prohibit people from being vulnerable and taking risks. Now, I believe that decisions should be weighed and wisdom should be sought, but at the same time fear should not be the deciding factor in whether or not you go for it in a particular field! I had to let go of fear and thoughts like “What if people don’t like my work?” “What if I don’t get any business?” “What if I just invested money into this, and its fails?” These “what if” questions are foolish, and can really hinder growth. I define success by humility and wisdom. While the number of followers I have do help my business, and I am grateful for them, it does not define who I am or what my business has accomplished. I would be lying if I said I never got caught up in the numbers, or comments. I have to constantly re-evaluate myself, my heart, my motives, and my end goal, none of which have anything to do with fame. You and I will achieve success by aggressively pursuing wisdom with a humble and teachable heart.

My advice is to be yourself. Don’t let comparison steal your style and talent, while you try to mold yourself into what you think might be trending at the moment. Be relatable- you aren’t perfect.

Event desserts

Art installation

Favorite event design trend of the moment? Trend you’d love to see disappear forever?
I am really into the use of metallics at the moment especially copper! I just did a shoot where we mixed brass, gold, and copper, and it was the raddest thing. I usually see metals isolated like all copper etc. but I dig mixing them! I really dislike those clear candleholders that have the crystal gems hanging from them. You know the ones. They used to be the old “glam” but man please stop. They are horrible. I also dislike the super structured bouquet thats like a ball and has no texture! Organic and free form bouquets all the way!

(Btw, isn’t copper a perfect alternative to orange for Halloween parties? Just sayin’.)

Event signage

Is there an artist in a totally different field who inspires you?
I really admire individuals who do illustrations, mainly because I can’t draw like at all! The planner is what dreams are made of with all the pretty lettering, and illustrations! Heart eyes all the way!

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  • Art installation
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by Juice Box Media.

What’s on the horizon for your business?
This is where I tell you all something that sounds good and that will most likely happen to play it safe, but instead I will tell you something that I really don’t know when/if it’ll happen. I really want to move to a studio in a warehouse (I work from my home studio), and hire on some peeps, and buy a work van. That all sounds so great, but I am also content where I am at! Also, that whole fear of failing creeps into my thoughts too!

If you weren’t an event designer, what would you be?
I would be a lot of different things: illustrator, graphic designer, interior designer, and if I magically got a really good singing voice, a singer! Definitely still in the creative industry.

SO cool. Can’t wait to see more from The Shift Creative. See the newly launched online shop here.

Photographer: Caroline Sleeper / Videographer: Juice Box Media / Venue: 31 Bits / Design: The Shift Creative / Florals: Pick Tulip / Makeup: 10.11 Makeup / Calligraphy: POPPYjack Shop /Catering: A Miho Experience / Drinks: Boxed Water / Coffee: Lift Coffee Roasters / Desserts: Cakes and Cuties /Bananas: Hannah’s Bananas / Tabletop Rentals & Styling: Hostess Haven / Lounge Furniture: Witty Rentals / Photobooth: MBL Photo Booth / Laser Cut Toppers/Stirrers: Nic. Roc Designs / Music: Grace Freeman / Dress: Free People

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wedding table plans on Nov 1, 2015

Wow! This is right up my street. Fabulous way to decorate the cupcakes and I absolutely love the white writing on the glass - so chic! Great work!

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