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Mason Jars: Pint and Half Pint Sizes

category: Catering Supplies seller: DessineAToi
I am selling Mason Jars which were used one time at my wedding as drinking glasses.

I have the following quantities:

16 oz. Pint Mason Jars with clean Chalkboard Heart Stickers: 40 - cost is $1.25 each.

8 oz. Half Pint Mason Jars: 85 - cost $0.75 each

Each person had one Pint Mason Jar for the night with a Chalkboard sticker showing their name and table number.

Each person also had a Half Pint Mason Jar which was used during the Champagne toast.

If you need more of the Chalkboard Heart stickers, I can give you the information of where to purchase them.

The jars all have lids and the jars are washed (and the chalk paint on the stickers removed) and stored in large rubbermaid tubs. If you would like to purchase the tubs, I am selling them for $5 each with the jars.
  • Granada Hills, CA
  • Excellent
  • $0.75-$1.25
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  • Cash

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