mismatched vintage china and decor for rent

category: Catering Supplies seller: baileysparents
I've collected almost 200 place settings for our wedding in Los Angeles. It was gorgeous, and I'm so in love with our mismatched china and decor- it's so fun and adds a personal touch :) Now let me help you with your wedding....renting everything out...

Mismatched china dinner plates, dessert plates, silverware, mason jars, burlap and lace table runners, lace votive holders, champagne flutes, wine glasses, tea cups, tea sets, and more decor. I'm renting them out....

75 cents to $1.50 per piece for dinnerware. I'm passionate about helping DIY brides as I am one :)

Please email me date of your wedding and your location, and number of people.


  • Los Angeles
  • Vintage
  • .75- $1.50
  • not available
  • cash, paypal, check
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