Hand painted canvas photobooth/ceremony backdrop

category: Wedding Decor seller: ashley3ar
Colorful, hand-painted, geometric print photobooth or ceremony backdrop for sale. Backdrop is made from durable, natural-colored canvas, which is beautifully finished on all sides. The canvas has four brass grommets along the top and two sides for easy fastening to whatever structure you'll use to hold it up. Due to the hand-painted nature of this piece, you'll notice minor inconsistencies in the pattern which only add to its character but aren't at all noticeable in photos.

The piece is 94" W and 98" H.

How we used it: Our backdrop was fastened to the beams of a cottage porch. An SLR camera was placed on a tripod several feet away and locked in focus. We then had guests use a wireless remote trigger to snap photos. We fit as many as 12 people into the frame at one time.

Please contact me with any questions. Item will be shipped USPS Priority Mail.
  • San Francisco
  • Excellent
  • $80
  • $10
  • PayPal, Venmo
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