AstroTurf Covered Backdrop Board

category: Wedding Decor seller: akonczal
This board is 3 paneled w/door hinges holding each of the panels together. It is 6 1/2' tall, and each panel is approximately 4' wide. The panels are approximately 3/4" thick making it incredibly sturdy and heavy duty. The boards are then covered with astroturf which also covers the entire back of the side panels so it looks nice from the back if your guests get a peak of it. The astroturf is sealed down by a staple gun but could also be removed.

We used it to hang photos for our seating chart but you could also use it as the back drop to your ceremony or photo booth. During our cocktail hour this became a popular spot for our guest to take couples photos in front of.

We live in San Francisco and would be open to delivering the board as it is quite large and fits perfectly in the back of our Silverado pickup with no extra charge depending on the distance.

Shipping is not an option because of how large the dimensions are and how heavy it is.

Price is negotiable especially if you are able to pick the board up.

This price does not include anything that is hanging on the board
  • San Francisco
  • Excellent
  • $250
  • n/a
  • venmo & paypal
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