21+ Burlap Centerpieces

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Burlap Centerpieces

These were custom made to place our centerpieces on top. They are a light beige with a gold sparkly thread woven into the fabric. We used these on white table clothes with clear vases and floating candles. I didn’t want the typical “prom like” mirrored plates for our candles. These added a nice hint of sparkle without being over the top gaudy. Very vintage chic.

What this lot includes:
Twenty-one 19”x 19” squares
One 14” x 26” rectangle
One 14” x 22” rectangle
One 70” x 49” big piece that can be cut for custom sizing

Selling the lot for $30 cash or paypal only please. I may be willing to negotiate on price if buyer is interested in purchasing any of my other listings.

If you would like shipped, please let me know and I’ll figure out the cost.

For the buyer that would like pick up, I live in the Kansas City area however I visit my parents regularly in the Columbia Missouri area and I’m also am willing to meet the buyer there.
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Excellent
  • $30
  • Contact seller for shipping cost
  • cash or paypal
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