Six 120 in. Round Polyester White Table Cloths

category: Wedding Decor seller: deidrefwood
Like most brides, I quickly figured out that weddings are expensive! To cut down on cost, I bought our tablecloths instead of "renting" them.

This lot includes Six 120 in. Round Polyester White Tablecloths. Bought brand new. Used only once. $40 for all six. Easy laundering in your home washing machine. Serged hem for an elegant look. Measures 120 in. diameter. We used these on our 72” tables for a medium length drop. Stored in a nonsmoking home.

I am willing to ship and it'll cost an additional $15 for priority USPS shipping.

I live in the Kansas City area however I also visit my parents frequently in the Columbia Missouri area if they future buyer lives there.

I will also have more then six table clothes (approximately 20 total) if the buyer is interested in purchasing more than this lot size.
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Excellent
  • $40
  • Contact seller for shipping cost
  • cash or paypal
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