Monique Lhuillier Infinity -Sample- Size 10

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Monique Lhuillier Infinity

"Elongated strapless lace and pearl encrusted bodice with full ballgown tulle skirt. "

This dress is STUNNING in person. The beading and pearls in the bodice overlay the lace in a delicate pattern that trickles down past the waist where it turns into the tulle skirt. It retails for $8,700.

I purchased this dress from Glamour Closet in NYC in June - even though it is 3 sizes too big for me - because it was the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen. I've been thinking long and hard and I now feel like it is just "too much" for my backyard reception.

The dress looks big on me because I'm a size 4 and it is a size 10, so I included other photos to give an idea of how it will fit.

The dress has slight cosmetic issues being a sample. The beading has come off in 3 places - on the back on the left hand side next to the zipper, under the arm on the left side, and on the top of the bust. There is also a tear in the tulle in the back of the train about a foot long.

I spoke with a seamstress who specializes in Monique Lhuillier dresses. She assured me that the beading was not a big deal at all to fix during the standard alteration process and that things like that are typical even with new dresses given the delicacy of the beading and tulle.

The seamstress said that the tulle rip will either need to be trimmed out when the dress is hemmed or the panel will need to be replaced. Again, this is totally doable not a big deal for someone who does bridal alterations.

I paid $3,000 for the dress. I am reducing the price to accommodate 1. the replacement of the tulle panel during your alterations ($500) 2. additional alteration time to replace beading during standard alterations ($200) and 3. cleaning ($500)- not necessary but some might want to because it is a sample. (just as a note these are the quotes I received from one of the most expensive seamstresses in manhattan. If you're outside of manhattan your costs will be less). I'm also giving another reduction just because I want it gone.

The style of this dress would be ideal for someone who is a street size 6-8, and is over 5'5" tall. It would work for a very formal reception or for a slightly more laid back affair, as the beading is so subtle and classy it can go either way.

Please message me for additional detail photos. This is the most beautiful dress that I've ever seen in my life and it should go to someone who will appreciate it for what it is and wear it for their big day.
I'm happy to skype/facetime or meet in person so you can try on the dress.
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