A modern California bedroom makeover with Casper

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We’re taking a quick break from our normal wedding content to share a bit of lifestyle inspiration today. We all know how inspiring interiors can be whether you’re planning a wedding or just browsing for party ideas. Or of course, actually have Casper to transform our wedding editor Jillian and her husband Scott’s bedroom, and it’s finally time to share!

California modern bedroom

It’s kinda amazing how a new bed, a fresh coat of paint, and a few little updates can turn a couple’s individual styles into a cozier, more sophisticated version of the past design. (Which, we know from experience, is super important for newlyweds too!) Let’s see how they married their styles to create their perfect modern California oasis. Over to Jillian!

Bedroom makeover with Casper

Before our bedroom was functional, but didn’t marry our styles or highlight all our favorite things. The light blue on the wall felt a bit feminine, and I”m pretty sure Scott always hated it. Ha! To start, we desperately needed a new bed and mattress. We chose a modern upholstered bed and a queen mattress and bedding from Casper. We had heard so much buzz about Casper and their amazing price point, luxury design, and free shipping. Once we received our new mattress, we were not disappointed and have since experienced some of the best sleep of our lives. No joke! (ps. Capser is offering $50 off any mattress purchase with code: 100LAYERCAKE)

California modern bedroom

As for the design of the room, we added a dark wall, which made the brass lamps pop, and helped to highlight a wall hanging we purchased while working on my son’s bedroom makeover. It never fit his room, so to finally hang it in a perfect spot felt so good! We kept the bedding neutral and played with texture to create a welcoming and cozy feel.

California modern bedroom

Plants, plants, and more plants! Greenery in a bedroom is a must. It just makes your room feel happy and an inviting space to relax and unwind. We’re loving our new cactus wall!

California modern bedroom

When it comes to his and hers, let’s face it, ladies just have more stuff! So naturally we need more space. Finally organizing our dresser was a dream come true. It’s also nice to add some personal touches like the pictures and wall hangings to bring our styles together once and for all.

California modern bedroom

California modern bedroom

Even if I might have more stuff, Scott still needs his space, so having our own side tables is a must.

California modern bedroom

California modern bedroom

One really nice thing about Casper is that they only make one mattress. They perfected the design so that one mattress really works for anyone. Needless to say mattress shopping isn’t always the most fun, so being able to browse the website and test it out for 100 nights (they’ll ship it out and pick it right back up if you aren’t totally satisfied) is such a relief.

California modern bedroom

California modern bedroom

Another thing we want to mention about Casper is that they sell the mattress directly to consumers. As most of you know, mattresses can be so expensive. You really never know what to expect with high mark ups and commission-driven prices. The Casper mattress is a singular design, universally comfortable, available in all six standard sizes, and backed by a 10 ­year warranty. They also now have a perfect pillow and sheets if you’re looking to completely revamp your sleep. 

We’re so thrilled with how this makeover turned out! Hope it inspires you too. Enjoy $50 off any Casper mattress purchase with code: 100LAYERCAKE.

Concept & Styling: 100 Layer Cake / Photography: Scott Clark Photo

Room details:
Mattress & Bedding: Casper / Bed: West Elm / Shag pillows: Crate and Barrel / Indigo pillow: Juniper and Fir / Throw: Antropologie / Pendent light: Ikea / Sconces: Urban Outfitters / Side tables: Vintage / Prints abover dresser: Minted / Necklace hanger: Urban Outfitters / Case study planter: Amazon / Dresser: Overstock.com

*This post is sponsored by Casper, who is changing the way people shop for mattresses. The views and opinions expressed here are our own and genuine.

Social Love

miriam on Apr 2, 2016

so beautiful? can you tell me where the knobs on the dresser are from please?

Katie on Apr 2, 2016

Do you know where that wall hanging is from? I'm obsessed!

100layercake on Mar 14, 2016

Hi Jennifer, I got that a Target. It's from the Nate Berkus collection. I don't believe it's in stores anymore. Sorry!

Jennifer B on Mar 14, 2016

This looks incredible! I love how simple yet personal everything is. Where did you snag that cute little serving tray?! (I'm sure it's been posted somewhere but I missed it!)

100layercake on Mar 7, 2016

Hi Alexandra, It's called Night Club from BERH paint at Home Depot.

Alexandra King on Mar 7, 2016

The paint color is amazing - what did you use?

Linda Meyers-Gabbard on Mar 3, 2016

Nicely done

Nena Sinclair on Mar 2, 2016

I love the makeover, the colors are great and it look so fresh!

Judy Thomas on Mar 2, 2016

I love the throw in the top pic, beautiful :)

100layercake on Mar 2, 2016

Hi, Nina! The nightstands are vintage and were purchased at an antique shop in Brooklyn. I've seen them at flea markets and other antique shops in different cities. Best, Jillian

Nina on Mar 2, 2016

Can you tell me where the night stands are from?

Leslie Stockton on Feb 26, 2016

Absolutely beautiful displayed

sarah jane Gillego on Feb 26, 2016

those are great and nice to experience a well modernized bedroom.With a good white mattress,carpets,paints are so purity..

Stan Litvin on Feb 26, 2016

like this site and ideas for bedroom makeover

Sandy Cain on Feb 26, 2016

What a beautiful, airy looking room! I could really relax in a bedroom like that!

Kimberly Newcomb on Feb 26, 2016

Love the whole look of the bedroom.....the rug is pretty

Tamra Gibson on Feb 25, 2016

They make it sound so very And it looks gorgeous. I love It all

Jessica Davis on Feb 25, 2016

This is absolutely beautiful! Simple.but sleek! Love it!

100layercake on Feb 24, 2016

Davonne, Thank's, I'm not totally sure where I got the rug. It could of been from Target a while back. Sorry!

davonne on Feb 24, 2016

Love it! The color is amazing! Where is the rug under the bed from?

Laurel wells on Feb 24, 2016

I love the denim tie dye pillows!!! Looks great guys. Good job!! Laurel xxx

Charleston Wedding Photographer on Feb 22, 2016

I love this!! Can somebody please put this together for my bedroom?! lol.. I mean seriously though. The bohemian zest they've placed on the room is awesome!! I would love totally rock this look if I didn't like with my BF >.<

Kari on Feb 22, 2016

Loving those new light fixtures! They really pop! Kari www.sweetteasweetie.com

Jannelle on Feb 22, 2016

The last photo is me every morning. :)

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