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Between this AM’s impressive Chicago bachelorette weekend and the launch of Betches’ bachelorette concierge service, we’re hereby calling today bachelorette day. K? You might’ve perused the Betches website before for their hilarious take lifestyle + news (you can’t not laugh just scrolling through those headlines, even). They just launched their aptly named concierge service Betchelorette to help brides-to-be plan their bachelorette festivities.

Bachelorette party

We sat down with CEO and Head Betch Aleen Kuperman to get the scoop on what inspired the launch of this fun new service. It’s all geared toward the girl isn’t into your conventional bachelorette party themes and activities, but also doesn’t take herself too seriously and naturally, wants to have a fabulous time.

Bachelorette party

(Above photos by Jennifer Young Studio, designed by Geronimo Balloons, from this amazing Las Vegas bachelorette party).

Bachelorette party

Betches gave us a little insight into the new service: There’s three options, ranging from the ability to scoop up your choice of hilarious bachelorette themed clothes + accessories for the whole party from the Betchelorette Shop, to having it *all* done for you—perfectly customized. Definitely makes the bestie’s job much easier, huh?

Bachelorette party

While we’re here, thought we’d have a little walk down memory lane and show you guys our Amanda’s own bachelorette party! Gooooood times.

Bachelorette party

We caught up with Betches for a little info on their ideal betchelorette party…

Bachelorette party

What made you want to start a line of bachelorette attire?
Everything out there is just so corny or covered in blow up penises. For the girl who isn’t the the DIY Pinterest “nice girl” there’s nothing available for the girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously or wants to drink out of a phallic straw. And on top of that, your friend gets engaged and then suddenly you have to plan an entirely branded trip. Like, you’re not the one who’s engaged why do you have to do it?! So we wanted to create a service where we can just do it for you, and not only will the tanks, hats, totes, robes, bathing suits, basically ANYTHING that you order look good, but they’ll also be so funny. We could even come up with your party hashtag and design Snapchat geofilters. You’re welcome.

Bachelorette party

(Above photos by The Why We Love, from Amanda’s bachelorette party)

What are your tips for throwing a successful Betchelorette party?
Alcohol. A loose itinerary—intense schedules for a vacation just gives everyone anxiety. You’re celebrating your friends’ last days of being single not going to a board meeting. And amazing and funny tanks and accessories from Shop Betches, obviously.

Who should be invited to the Betchelorette party?
The bridal party and your bestie outer circle. No dudes please.

Betches bachelorette attire

Just a few of the offerings over in the Betchelorette Shop…

Betches bachelorette attire

Penis paraphernalia and dancing or wine tasting and dinner with your gals?
You’re allowed max one item of penis paraphernalia, a lot of dancing, and tequila. Wine is for a regular weekday, come on.

Who should pay for the betchelorette party?
It should be split amongst the betchelorette party. The bride shouldn’t pay for anything nor should be consulted about the cost!

Betches bachelorette attire

What do you think the most popular clothing items in your line will be?
This is difficult because all of our stuff is so great, and it all can be customized. We even partnered with a bunch of amazing brands to bring our customers even more personalized items like Private Party for one piece swimsuits, Recluse Apparel for insanely soft robes, and Unemployed Denim for vintage denim Jackets. I do have a personal fave tank and that’s She was half a virgin when she met him.

Tell us about your ultimate bachelorette party.
Hysterical shirts, an amazing hashtag that everyone will want to use in their pics, and going somewhere I can get really tan and really drunk in a pool.

Fun, right?

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