Top wedding songs by A-list member Queue DJ

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Wedding Dance Party

When a wedding ends with an epic dance party, you always hear about it. We’ve heard our share of stories and even attended a few such bashes ourselves. But did you know there’s a method to the madness? Our A-list member Queue DJ has it down, and not only is this big news for all you looking for a fab DJ from Los Angeles—they’re officially here after years serving the east coast—but they’re offering up their tips and secrets (best wedding songs, anyone?) for a wedding full of can’t-forget music.

Wedding Dance Party

Wedding Dance Party

They’re known for their clean, modern aesthetic and laid back approach to weddings + special events. They’ve booked countless venues from NY to Tokyo and their music style spans genres, eras, and a crazy range of tunes. Plus, to them the visual aspect of the setup is just as important. Unlike others, their DJ equipment will actually enhance your venue and décor, not detract (that’s a major win in our book).

Wedding Dance Party

And Queue DJ’s top 5 songs to get wedding guests to hit the dance floor are…

1. Love On Top – Beyonce
2. One More Time – Daft Punk
3. You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall & Oates
4. Hey Ya – Outkast
5. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King from The Lion King

Wedding Dance Party

They also shared 5 more incredibly helpful tips on packing the floor at your wedding. Better bookmark, because you won’t find this info in any playlist!

Wedding Dance Party

1. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane – Nothing celebrates a relationship more than digging up your shared and seemingly ancient musical history. Your wedding will be full of people who have known you forever, so remember all of the times you turned to someone and said, “This is our song!” It still will be.

2. The Secret Life of Cocktail Hour – Most people believe that cocktail hour is for stashing away a bottle of good gin while the bartender is off fetching more ice. They are half right. The atmosphere you create and music you choose for this time is equally important. Ideal cocktail hour music engages people and increases in energy over time. You want people to feel the music and feel like dancing long before they think it’s socially acceptable. A steady head bop, discreet shuffle, or classy smirk and snap should always accompany the cocktail hour buzz.

3. Take the Goods and Run – When planning a reception, it is tempting to space everything out over the course of the night. Don’t do that. Try to put any special moments, such as the first dance, toasts, etc., toward the beginning. Special moments become special pictures, and it’s worth taking these while everyone, including yourself, looks as dapper as they did when they first walked in. Once you’ve got these pics in the bag, so to speak, you’re all free to be your crazy, wild selves the rest of the night.

4. Turn Down For What – There should be a clear transition from formal wedding reception to dance party. This helps guests know they can go ahead and get funky and they will not be stepping in the way of any upcoming emotional toasts. It’s best facilitated by playing an exciting song and turning the volume up, with some pre-appointed dancers and party-starters ready to rush the floor. Dimming the lights changes the mood drastically and makes people more comfortable if they’re reluctant dancers. Once this happens, don’t go back. (Note: Don’t put your grandparents’ table directly next to the speakers.)

5. A Happy Ending – Nobody likes it when they feel like their party’s been cut short. So make sure you plan time for guests to unwind at the tail end of the night. Slower songs and songs that have great verses to sing are good choices for helping people down from the clouds.

Thanks to Queue DJ for the tips! Head to their website for bookings, info, + more tips on wedding music.

Photo: David of Modern Vintage Weddings from this wedding

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Waaooww. photographs is very nice.. i very like night photos.. i think your camera is canon ;) thank you...

dj mumbai on Sep 10, 2015

It's great custom in every wedding with DJ Services to have a happy ending. Captures great moment of dance on dj, A happy end of wedding.

Alex on Sep 13, 2015

You must be a great DJ because everyone looks like they are having fun.

Chelsea on Sep 24, 2015

Pete of Queue has done a million events with me over the years. DJs don't get better than this guy.

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