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Holiday gift ideas from our boutique

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Like we even have to remind you that it’s Cyber Monday (aka the day you pretend to work, but spend all day shopping online), right? Pretty positive your inbox is full of reminders granting you the best deals on sweaters, gadgets and such. Well don’t mind us, but we’re about to throw some good-looking gift ideas your way. A bounty of pretties if you will. Most of them are from local artists, while others are goodies that we think are perfect for gifting (or gift wrapping). Most importantly, they’re all shoppable through our Holiday Boutique!

holiday gifts

1. White Oak Wreath |  2. Brooklyn Green Wreath | 3. Geometric and Deer Coasters | 4. Ceramic Christmas Tree Ornament

Girls really can be easy to shop for, not going to lie. We like to take pictures, wear soft pjs to bed, smell good, etc. There’s definitely something in this set for your lady friends…

holiday gifts

1. Rainbow Starlite Bib Necklace | 2. Journelle Bardot Silk PJ Set | 3. Linden Custom Address Stamp | 4. Crystal Rock Necklace | 5. Patchouli Lavender Rose Soap | 6. Ikat Personalized Calling Cards | 7. Blushing Mercury Jar | 8. Diana Multi Diamond Engagement Ring | 9. Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera | 10. Aztec Cardigan | 11. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne

Prints, or custom art is such an awesome gift. If you’re planning on gifting a print, let us suggest also getting it framed. Some people take forever to frame them, so it’s always amazing when you receive something you can put on your wall right away.

holiday gifts

1. Ampersand Metallic Gold Screen Print | 2. Custom Folded Book | 3. Watercolor Map Print – Select Your Region | 4. Black Dots Print | 5. Personalized Engagement Ornament | 6. Max Wanger Greenbrier Print | 7. Un Deux Trois Print | 8. Salt Water Cure Print | 9. Gold Foil Proverb

It’s kind of awesome when you can find gift wrap that also kind of doubles as a gift itself, no? These are definitely the types of gift wrap people hate to tear, they’re so pretty.

holiday wrap

1. Noel Foil Stamped Gift Tags | 2. Letterpress and Foil Card Set | 3. Festoon Boxes | 4. Holiday Sayings Gift Tags | 5. Polka Dot Giftwrap | 6. Bow-wow Wrapping Paper | 7. White Baroque Kraft Giftwrap | 8. Ho Ho Ho Glam Giftwrap | 9. Gold Gift Labels

Ahh, isn’t this your favorite time of the year too? Happy shopping!

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  1. So many great ideas for holiday gifts

  2. These are such lovely holiday ideas, so much prettiness! Thank you for sharing!



  3. thanks for sharing all the ideas. they are lovely
    visit my blog: https://comfortandblissfullife.wordpress.com/

  4. I want #10 for her! Love the sweater jacket!


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