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Bar Napkin Brainstorm workshop

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Bar Napkin Brainstorm

If you’re thinking about, or in the midst of starting your own business, you gotta check out the Bar Napkin Brainstorm, happening at the Ace Hotel in New York on Thursday October 10th.

Our friends over at The Flashdance and Sharkpig are hosting a one day meeting of the minds where freelance creatives can come to get inspired, forge new bonds with other professionals, and workshop their own ideas in a lush productive environment. Plus Josh Rosen, co-founder of Saturdays NYC, is going to share his experiences in taking disparate passions and fusing them to create a totally new and unique expression of culture and art.

Bar Napkin Brainstorm is a creative foundry-where ideas, concepts, passion projects, brands, and marketing are melted down and reconstructed. They won’t just be talking at you – they are actually hoping to find new people to collaborate with as well! Plus they will have a rad party at the end.

If you are a photographer, entrepreneur, creative director, musician, writer, maker, or anyone with a creative business, then this would be an amazing day for you!

Go here to sign up.

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