Astoria Road: A wedding registry that lets you add gifts from any store

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Store based registries can be nice, but isn’t it such a bummer when you realize that you can only add gifts from that one store? Creating a wedding registry is the perfect time to shop for everything you want… that vintage glassware set you hearted on Etsy, those patterned dish towels from Anthropologie, the gold flatware you’ve been eyeing at West Elm, the list goes on. Well, say hello to Astoria Road: The perfect wedding registry that allows you to add gifts from any store!

Astoria Road wedding registry | 100 Layer Cake

Astoria Road wedding registry | 100 Layer Cake

A few sweet perks that come with creating a wedding registry with Astoria Road

* Create a registry that’s completely you. Add products from any store, add your favorite charities, or even create your own gifts… ahem… a honeymoon or grad school fund.

* Straight forward design. You can feel proud to share your registry with all of your guests (no matter their web skill level). Astoria Road is easy to use and navigate through.

* Check out process is easy peasy. Guests won’t have to go through the hassle of being redirected to other stores to complete the checkout like with other universal registries. On Astoria Road, the entire transaction takes place on the website (so helpful!).

* Running over budget with your wedding planning? Here’s a little secret tip… just discretely cash-out some of your gifts. Your guests will not find out about this. You can even do it after the guests purchased the gifts. Astoria Road will ping you to ask if you still want gifts or rather get cash.

* Astoria Road is the Pinterest of wedding registries. We know, that can be dangerous, right? It doesn’t just have the look & feel of Pinterest, but also curated sample registries from which you can find inspiration and can just “repin” gifts. Here, give it a shot with the 100 Layer Cake wedding registry we created. You can “repin” anything you like from ours onto yours!

Astoria Road wedding registry | 100 Layer Cake

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Dan, Muse, Miki and Jake, the two founding couples got so fed up with existing registries during their own weddings, so they created a registry they wish they had themselves. So glad they did, because now you get the pleasure of registering for anything your heart desires!

Pop over to Astoria Road and get started. Now that you know you can add any item from any store, we’re sure you’ll keep busy for the next few hours!

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Social Love

@100LayerCake on May 16, 2013

You guys heard of Astoria Road? It's a wedding registry that lets you add gifts from ANY store

@sashbuzz on May 16, 2013

Astoria Road: A wedding registry that lets you add gifts from any store

Rachel on May 16, 2013

This is already available as a wedding registry feature. Using their "universal wish list button" you can add an item from any store, any where to your wedding registry.

Nat on May 18, 2013

I could have defo done with this. We got stuck with one where you have to get all your gift from one place. I'll be recommending this to people for sure

Christy on Jan 6, 2014

I thought Astoria Road would be ideal for us because we wanted to register for things from different sites/stores. But after abysmal customer service, I requested several times, without any response from Astoria Road, that our registry URL be taken down because we decided to go a more traditional, reliable route. As a response, Astoria Road put the "Couple's Website" at our previous link as, which redirects to a page that says "Sorry, love does not exist." How tacky. The idea is a nice one, but the customer service, reliability, and general attitude of the company are such that I wouldn't recommend Astoria Road to anyone.

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