2 Nov

A few ways to help those affected by Sandy

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We always like to sign off before the weekend by wishing you all a fab weekend, but the ending of this week feels a little different. While it’s easy to get swept up in prepping for the holidays, we can’t help that our spirits are not at their highest.

We’re still in disbelief at how much of the East Coast has been affected by Superstorm Sandy. It’s devastating to see the images emerge and read the tweets that are coming through of people sharing their personal experiences. It’s already been four days and there are still so many families and businesses without water, power and a means to get from one place to another.

Although it’s under such horrible circumstances, it is great to see people band together. The more hands that can help the better. We know change isn’t going to happen overnight and that it’s going to take time to recover from the damage, but we can all lend a helpful hand by donating directly to the American Red Cross. Right now cash is the most helpful and quickest way to give them the support that’s needed. And let’s not forget about all the furry family members that have been displaced as well. You can help them out by donating to The Humane Society and/or American Humane Association.

xoxo balloon engagement sesh

Remembering this shoot taken in NYC. East Coasters, we love you and are keeping you in our thoughts!

And here’s another way East Coasters are banding together! Merci New York recently launched a beautiful wedding and bridesmaid clutch collection with friend Jennifer Niles of Madame Mathilde. With New York and the surrounding areas being hit so hard with Hurricane Sandy, (such as the terrible 80 house fire in Breezy Point), they wanted to do what they could to help asap…  So they’re donating 20% off all clutch profits through 11/15 to the American Red Cross relief efforts when you use code SANDYRELIEF. And, in addition will reward any bride with an additional 10% off their clutch purchase at Merci New York. It’s a good way for ladies to style themselves and dress their bridesmaids, while also giving back to the current natural disaster relief in NYC, yes? We can totally get behind that!

Merci NY shop for a cause


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  1. Any little bit helps! Here are a few ways to help those affected by #Sandy: http://t.co/OILsDuAC

  2. Thanks for posting this. I know the area where that photo was taken and I believe at one point it was underwater this week. We need help here in NYC and in New Jersey, Connecticut. We’re also trying to help out couples whose weddings have been impacted by the storm. Venues have been destroyed or have no power. Vendors can’t make it. Those of us here who are able to help are willing – just let us know!

  3. A few ways to help those affected by Sandy: We always like to sign off before the weekend by wishing you all a f… http://t.co/GD9CjDHd

  4. Thank you for sharing our #sandy charity clutches, @100layercake ! xx RT A few ways to help those affected by Sandy http://t.co/dNVHpwIr

  5. Attached is a map of opportunites around the greater NYC metro area – http://goo.gl/maps/SjSTB. Stay safe everyone and thank you for posting, 100 Layer Cake!

  6. A few ways to help those affected by Sandy – We always like to sign off before the weekend by wishing you all a fab … http://t.co/He0vbimG

  7. I feel badly for the people affected by Sandy. It’s nice to hear about people helping each other out in times of need. I am glad that things are returning to normal.

  8. Thank you for posting this. The devastation of this hurricane has been unbelievable and if every person gives just a little bit, then that will have an enormous impact for those in need. We all can have a positive impact on those most affected by this storm.

  9. Dear Black Lamb Photogaphy,

    Things aren’t completely returning to normal. It has been a week and there are still over 1 million people in the area without power or heat. We have a terrible winter storm bearing down on us. There are also 40,000 people AT LEAST without homes because of the storm. The clean up effort is going to be massive. Partially because some much of the infrastructure has simply been destroyed.

  10. The B&W Wedding photos looks crisp and clean which is totally awesome.

    I’ve always loved their photo books!

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