12 Jul

Lulu Frost

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We’re having major jewelry envy over here because one of you is going to be winning an AMAZING Lulu Frost cuff. Before you sneak a peek at it below, we’re going to throw some of our favorite vintage inspired earrings & necklaces in front of you. They’re just too pretty not to! Plus, it gives us a chance to share the gorgeous watercolor artwork seen on the site that they use to showcase all the mix of materials and elements in every statement piece. Go on, fall in love, then enter to win!

Lulu Frost wedding jewelry

Lulu Frost wedding jewelry

Lulu Frost jewelry

Lulu Frost wedding jewelry

Lulu Frost wedding jewelry

Lulu Frost earrings

Lulu frost

Lulu Frost wedding jewelry

Lulu Frost bracelet giveaway

Can’t you see this gorgeous piece on your wrist already? We want you to win it too, so enter to win by submitting the form below. One lucky reader will be chosen at random to receive Lulu Frost‘s most popular drift styles. Entries must be posted by Monday, July 16th at 6pm PST. Good luck!

*FYI, the Psyche Stud and Hestia Stud earrings next to the Beach Break Fin necklace are part of a new collection, which is not yet on the site. You won’t have to wait long though because they’ll be available at the end of July!

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  1. This jewelry is so beautiful and unique! Thank you for featuring it.

  2. This jewelry is so stunning. I not only love the style, but the sketches that highlight some of the items. I adore Hestia Stud earring too.

  3. The Lulu Frost cuff, and the entire collection are absolutely gorgeous! Couldn’t help browse their site and of course now I’m in love with 10 different things;) The All American Collage necklace is breathtaking.

  4. Wow this would be GORGEOUS for my wedding day in August!

  5. Holy moly, this jewelry is gorgeous. If I win I’ll totally share with my girlfriend who is getting married next summer! Would look great with her gown … and then later with my tshirt and jeans “uniform.”

  6. I lust for everything Lulu Frost! This is lovely.

  7. Love!

  8. Wow, this ring is amazing, I love the leaf form, and all the little stones all over it.

    This could be my dream engagement ring, precious.

  9. OMG-I have been dying for a Lulu Frost piece for awhile! Her work is amazing and truly one of a kind. Love everything in the Classic and Plaza collections.

  10. I love LuLu Frost, this cuff is fabulous!!! *fingers crossed*

  11. This would be perfect for my wedding next month! i have my fingers and toes crossed!!

  12. Wow, amazing! Love the style, it’s so refined and unique!

  13. We are so obsessed with these amazing pieces by Lulu Frost! Enter for a chance to win a cuff on @100layercake! http://t.co/Tmu8SusH

  14. That is one gorgeous piece of jewelry.

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