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Hi all! Whew! I’m swiftly moving along in my wedding day preps over here, so thought I’d fill you in with what I’ve been up to lately (via my Instagram feed). Still lots to do but it feels good to be crossing things off the list! Plus, it’s Friday which means two extra days to get more things crossed off!

wedding preparations

* Been searching high and low for cute cocktail glasses back home in Kansas, as well as the Long Beach and Rose Bowl Flea Markets. Pretty excited with what we’ve scored so far!
* Took a trip to Barneys to try on some dreamy wedding shoes (tell me how I’m supposed to just pick one pair!?)
Dance lessons are happening every week (which are so fun and make me feel like Baby in Dirty Dancing)
* Wedding cocktail tasting via our bartender, Tal from the Pharmacie, has been quite the tasty adventure (He is the drink master)
* Working on getting our invites printed and starting decor details and florals soon! (After seeing my colorboard, what florals do you recommend for a September wedding?)

Eeep! I can’t believe we only have a little under 3.5 months left before THE day! Seems like there is still so much left to do (are you all in the same boat?), but I’m trying to stay focused on my immediate to-do list and not look too far ahead. Help me take my mind off things for a sec and tell me how your wedding preparations are coming along! Brides + grooms, any advice during this last 3-month push to get to the aisle in one piece?

xx Amanda

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Ketuv on Jun 8, 2012

The antique finds are stunning. We're looking forward to seeing how they all fit together.

Lisa Jane on Jun 8, 2012

This a combination of style and class! Amazing collection of antiques

Lyndsey on Jun 8, 2012

We just sent out our invitations and it was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders!! We designed them ourselves, which was a LOT of it's nice to be done and moving on to other things!

Andrea on Jun 8, 2012

We are just 6 weeks and a day away. We have been planning for over year, which gives me so many mixed emotions! When we started planning I thought a year would But nope, it ran past me! It will always feel like you could add just one more idea to the to do list. But as we get closer and are whole vision really has come together it feels a bit bitter sweet to almost be done. We are taking these last 6 weeks to put the idea list away and start focusing inward on what this new chapter means, what we look forward to in our marriage, and are reveling in every RSVP card we receive in the mail. Indulge to your hearts desire! But if the stress surpasses the excitement take a step back and recollect on your journey together until now. Time only seems to speed up! Congrats (and wicked cute shoes!) Andrea :) date: July 21, 2012

stephanie marie on Jun 8, 2012

I am in the exact same boat-- late Sept wedding and feeling overwhelmed every other day by how much is left to do! We're happy with our concept/design, our invitations are at the press, most of the wardrobe stuff is done... but still. There are so many little details to think over, it's hard to keep it all straight! I plan on taking the two weeks before just completely "off" of DIY-ing, worrying, planning. Leave it to the pros and really enjoy the time we have together! You can do it! All your sneak peeks look incredible!

D M on Jun 8, 2012

Nine weeks left for us. I have been planning since last June. I also designed my invitations myself which was way more work than I imagined. They go out in the mail next week. Yeah!!!!! The vicissitudes of planning have taken their toll. There are so many things left to do and as an artist and a designer I think make harder than it needs to be. I just diagramed by whole event, every last tablecloth and chair. Yes, it's in AutoCAD people. Long jogs listening to LMFAO and a new fondness for sauvignon blanc is keeping me partially sane but has not helped me chose a wedding band. My mother just warned me that the great cake debate must come to an end. Amanda- I would recommend hydrangeas, roses and orchids for the raspberry pink and the blush, chocolate cosmos and black calla lilies for the nior. For the out-to-sea and the gold you'll need leaves or objects with lovely shapes and a few cans of spray paint. For example you could have gold palm fronds or feathers, blue branches etc etc. Form looks to be more important than color for you. You have such a playful palette, have some fun!

Bertina on Jun 9, 2012

Don't have the time to read it now (going to later today) but i neeeeeed to say; THOSE SHOES!? I'm in love!

Wedding Photography Melbourne on Jun 9, 2012

Ooooo - nice shoes!

New Centerpiece Ideas on Jun 9, 2012


Michelle on Jun 9, 2012

As a flower junkie, I had to pipe in - blush coloured anenomes would incorporate the black and blush, but chocolate cosmos, raspberry pink and deep eggplant dahlias would also be beautiful. I'm using dahlias for my September wedding as they're local and in season and come in such a huge variety of shapes and colours. And yes to spraypainting some sprigs of artificial greenary gold! That would be fab. LOOVE those polka dot glasses!

100layercake on Jun 9, 2012

Ooo thank you for these amazing floral ideas! Definitely a big help as I head into the floral portion of the wedding. And what great advice on taking the couple of weeks off before the big day... time to collect thoughts, reflect and relax. I'm definitely going to try to work that in!

practical wedding favors on Jun 10, 2012

Great choice of wedding shoes! Love it! so pretty! :)

Simply Peachy on Jun 10, 2012

Love the shoes!

amy on Jun 11, 2012

for flowers, juliette roses, hot pink celosia, golden yellow feather celosia, bi-color white and pink godetias, kangaroo paw, black scabiosa and spray roses.

andrea on Jun 11, 2012

i think you hit the nail on the head: just focus on what you're doing this week or this day. those last three months make all the difference in that little extra something special. also just remembering (everyone says this, but i gotta say that it's so unbelievably true) to ask friends and family to help. there's a lot of people willing and maybe even excited to help. and wine and macarons always make for good bribes. ;) but just hang in there, remember to breathe and you'll get through it! you're already ahead of the curve by starting early on the collecting of vintage items. good luck! :D

Jayne Weddings on Jun 11, 2012

Love the antique finds!

Elizabeth P. on Jun 11, 2012

Those shoes want to come home and live with me...

Lkaps on Jun 12, 2012

I love your use of Instagram for these photos! And the shoes-FABULOUS! I got so stressed when my Tungsten wedding band broke before my wedding! Crazy I know! This post was exactly what I needed though. It reminds me of all the fun and enjoyment I've had while planning my wedding, not just the minor issues.

Intertwined (@Intertwined) on Jun 14, 2012

Wedding preparation tips from @100layercake!

magicweddingdress on Jul 18, 2012

Nice wedding cup and shoes.

Noviamor on Jul 30, 2012

I really appreciate the process that you have photos here! And I want to say your wedding is really great!

dresseshop on Nov 21, 2012

Thanks for sharing, great wedding!

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