2 May

100 Layer Cake on Pinterest!

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Yep, it’s true. We’re on Pinterest! Didn’t think we were just going to let you guys have all the fun, did you? And have you noticed that we added a sweet little “Pin it” button to each of our blog photos? Makes life just a tad easier, and hope you love using it to pin pretty pics to your boards!

We’ll be pinning everything from what to pack on your honeymoon, gorgeous wedding wardrobes, tasty treats for your sweet table, and a whole lot more. And because we’ve featured such amazing and inspiring weddings, events and inspiration shoots throughout the years, we’re going to rummage through our archives and pin all of those goodies too! Sounds fun… and addicting, and we hope you’ll follow us!

100 Layer Cake Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? (Of course you are). Leave a link to your profile in the comments so we can check out your boards!

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  1. Yes, please find me @ cindyekang :)

  2. This made my week!!! I’m getting married in June and having you on the site will be a lifesaver!!


  3. Pinterest is great for keeping your wedding inspirations all in one place. Helps me to keep track of fab craft ideas and much more besides. Love it.


    Oh and I think I may have pinned you guys already ; )

  4. I love pinning inspiration for other brides. Check out my boards at http://pinterest.com/iamstephsmith

    Love you guys!

  5. yay, heres mine! pinterest.com/andicf

  6. yes!!! i’ve gone wedding-crazy on my pinterest!

  7. Check Out Our Pins!

  8. Yay!! I don’t know what I did before Pinterest. Check out my favorites http://www.pinterest.com/nicstone

  9. Now I am going to be spending even more time on Pinterest! Love you guys!!


  10. Have become addicted to Pinterest! Here’s my boards:


  11. Yay!!! We’re so happy everyone’s so excited we’re *finally* on pinterest. I can’t wait to check out all your boards and pins. *jillian

  12. So excited!! I’ve been LOVING your “pin it” buttons for sure, and hope other blogs follow suit soon! : )


  13. love pinning wedding inspiration and other eye-catching things. i’ve pinned a lot from 100layercake.com, so keep it coming! :)


  14. oh nice! can’t wait to see what you guys pin!


  15. Yay for quality and beauty!

  16. i am wedding obsessed on pinterest.


  17. Ooh! Ooh! Early adopter right here! Joined over a year ago, and it has been draining my sanity ever since. Pinterest is an OCD organizer’s dream/curse. I think, if I’m being totally honest, my blog was started as a way to justify all of the time spent/wasted on there.

    I was also lucky enough to snag a beta tester slot for Pinerly, which is sort of like HootSuite/Buffer for Pinterest. So much fun.

    You can find me over at http://pinterest.com/OctoNoctua/. You might notice a whole lot of 100 Layer Cake on my 10 and counting wedding boards…

  18. LOVE Pinterest! I work in event planning and use it daily!

    Find me at: http://pinterest.com/leannaazzolini/

  19. check me out!! http://pinterest.com/emsie111/

  20. YES! Finally :)

    Not on Pinterest, but I go on quite a lot. Actually starting to check out everyone else’s boards that posted here too!!

  21. Oh, I’m so excited 100 Layer Cake is on Pinterest. I’ve just started the planning for my wedding so I can’t wait to see all those inspiring images pop up on my feed!


  22. I’m so excited!!

  23. Can’t wait to check out your boards! http://pinterest.com/heatheref/

  24. Thrilled that 100 Layer Cake is on pinterest!!!


  25. We love pinterest! It’s great for wedding inspiration and for showing off our stationery and invitations. Follow us! http://pinterest.com/paperfreckles/

  26. I’m pretty proud of my lil pinterest boards, hope you enjoy them.


  27. Very exciting news! I have pinned many a thing from your beautifully curated site. I’m rather addicted to Pinterest in general… So full of inspiration. Congrats on joining!


  28. This is going to make it so much easier to add more beauty to my boards (: Definitely following!

  29. Wedding inspiration made easy! http://pinterest.com/carolinemn/

  30. Lovely :) I’ll have more inspirations to add to my wedding boards

  31. I’m so happy you are pinning! My camping wedding is this August giving me 4 more months of wedding inspiration boards to pin! http://pinterest.com/teachtravelplay/

  32. I love pinning for all sorts of inspiration! It’s become an addiction, really. Check it out: http://www.pinterest.com/brennadian :)

  33. Woot woot! I’ve been using Pinterest to re-imagine my wedding if I could do it all over again. Fun stuff!


  34. pinterest.com/sweetjacobs

  35. I LOVE pinterest! Welcome to the pinning party 😉 Check out my boards at http://pinterest.com/bethy_rodgers/

  36. Addicted. Pinterest is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


  37. I just followed all your boards! Check out mine, I have a couple of wedding and event design boards! http://pinterest.com/peonyandpoppy/

  38. LOVE Pinterest! It has definitely helped me organize my wedding. http://pinterest.com/starlit535/

  39. Having a pinterest board has really helped me with wedding planning, and creating a vision: http://pinterest.com/lorrianneadair/josh-lorri-s-wedding/

  40. you got a new follower!!

  41. Such a great way to share our work!



  42. This is going to be great fun!


  43. already following you 😉 here’s your comment all the same! love this site.


  44. your boards are wonderful! so glad to see you all on pinterest too!


  45. You are on my list!

    My addiction http://pinterest.com/lil_ocha/

  46. yay! i am addicted <3 heres a link to my boards <3 http://pinterest.com/treecookies

  47. I absolutely love pinterest


  48. Love your site!

  49. hooray! so glad to see it–love the blog.

  50. Oh dear. Looks like I’m late to this party. Please take a peek at mine though!

  51. So great!

  52. I’m at http://pinterest.com/katevnelson.

    Our wedding will be in Umbria, Italy in June. We’ll be sending you pictures ;). We’re using the wonderful Clara at Chic Weddings in Italy to help plan it!

  53. http://pinterest.com/dillyfoxtrot/

    So much easier with the pin it on the photos…thank you!!! Off to look for your pins (I fear I may have to put a few hours aside!)

  54. Wowza! Love this news almost as much as I love 100 Layer Cake – would be honoured if you’d check out our boards…


  55. Recently joined pinterest because I am planning a wedding and needed some inspiration. :)

  56. Pinterest… An inspiring addiction:

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