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There are couples that like to register for stuff, and then there are couples that like to register for an experience. And let’s not forget about the guests at your wedding. There are the ones that just want to buy the next item you have on your registry and call it a day, and then there are the guests that want to wow you with the best gift possible. Long story short, Wanderable wants to make life easy on you and your guests. They offer a free and stylish honeymoon registry with no ads (woo!), that doesn’t take any percentages or fees. Take the tour!

wanerable honeymoon register

Did the pictures of pretty places help? You can enjoy the experience of planning your honeymoon and making your own personalized honeymoon registry with a photograph, a personal note, wedding details, and any images of your choice. When guests buy, they can send a personal message and print out a beautifully designed gift certificate to include with their gift. It’s all one pretty package.

And if you just want to start by finding new and original things to do, Wanderable’s got an entire community of couples sharing their travel plans and ideas. Easy breezy honeymoon planning. This is the way it should be!

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Social Love

Nicole on Mar 31, 2012

A honeymoon registry is a great idea! You could always use more money for the honeymoon. Our wedding registry is easy like that too. You can register for anything, anywhere just with your iPhone.

Rene @ BargainHoot on Apr 1, 2012

What a wonderful idea!! I'm going to share this with a bride-to be.

Tiffany Lee on Apr 2, 2012

we love wanderable and chose them for our honeymoon registry! It's been really easy for our family to figure out.

Honeymoon registry on Apr 5, 2012

Its so much better to gain experiences than get an extra toaster!

Rachel on Apr 12, 2012

One of the best things we did was register for our honeymoon. We spent 2 weeks in Europe and it was amazing. We are going back in 2 weeks and I'm dying to relive our honeymoon.

Costa Rica honeymoon on Jun 27, 2012

This is truly a great read for me. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

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