29 Feb

Mignonne Handmade + a yummy giveaway

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Mignonne Handmade is no stranger to the blog. We’re pretty obsessed with her pretty handmade flowers and vintage pieces and die when we see brides wearing one of her bird cage veils or rhinestone bow headbands. So it comes with much excitement that we get to announce that the ladies at Katie Jean Designs and Ouma are each giving away a $250 gift card to their shops! And because Mignonne Handmade is the absolute perfect accessory to wear with their dresses, the two winners will each get to pick a Mignonne hairpiece to match their new look. Take a look at some of their goods, then enter to win! Easy peasy.

Below are some of Katie Jean Designs gorgeous lace, silk and chiffon dresses.

mignonne handmade

mignonne handmade

This pink sheer polka dot has got perfect bridesmaid dress written all over it.

mignonne handmade

The silk covered skinny Mignonne Handmade headband below is too dreamy for words. It’s hand sewn with intricate pale ivory venetian lace topped with a pouf of chenille dot ivory french netting.

mignonne handmade

Ouma‘s dresses, featured below, are every tulle lovers dream.

mignonne handmade

Ouma Wedding Dress

Ouma Wedding Dress

mignonne handmade wedding accessory

A huge thank you to all three ladies for sharing such amazing prizes!

Enter your name and email address in the form below to enter this giveaway for a Mignonne Handmade headpiece PLUS a $250 gift card to either Ouma or Katie Jean. Two winners equals double chance of winning!

Photography: Kym Ventola / Model: Jocie Fong / Makeup + hair: Linda Wagner / Hairpieces: Mignonne Handmade / Dresses: Katie Jean Designs and Ouma

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  1. Beautiful stuff!

  2. These headpieces are so cute! Great giveaway.

  3. OH thanks so much for such a fantastic giveaway! <3

  4. laurenaetaylor@gmail.com

    IN LOVE with these hairpieces. Happy leap day! :)

  5. My wedding dress is Ouma! LOVE her stuff!

  6. These headpieces are insanely gorgeous!!

  7. we just love all of these shops… wonderful giveaway!

  8. Love these dresses and headpieces!

  9. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway! I’m in heaven just looking at these gorgeous pieces! :)

  10. That black dress is amazing! I love how it can look relaxed and glamourous at the same time….

  11. oh all of these things are so beautiful! i adore the dresses!

  12. ooow dear! I’ve been looking for a wedding dress and hairpiece for my wedding. I love all of these! Going to take a closer look at all the websites.

  13. These images of beautiful designs just sweep me away to a fluttery, feminine dreamland:)

  14. What an amazing giveaway. All the designers have beautiful pieces. However, I have been in love with Katie Jean’s Primrose Gown for sometime now and I would be just over the moon if I won.

  15. I’m sooo excited for a chance to win this! I’ve had my eye on Ouma’s gorgeous tulle gowns since I began dress shopping. They are all beautiful. Thanks for this opportunity!

  16. Lovely! Thank you.

  17. All these dresses and headpeices are lovely. When will the winner be announced?

  18. Love love love!!! Please put me in the running to win this gift voucher 😀

  19. Wow. Great head pieces! I keep going back and forth between and actual head piece or a wreath. We’ll see. :)

  20. This is the best giveaway ever! Hope I win :)

  21. Reminds me of classic wedding dresses or Kenmore bridesmaids dresses. Great photos.

  22. Beautiful as always.

  23. Beautiful pieces and pics!!

  24. When is the drawing for this giveaway?

  25. I like the headdresses, they look chic and elegant, fit for the modern women today.

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