20 Feb

Nantucket wedding inspiration (part 2)

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As promised, we’re back with more from Desiree Spinner Events and Trent Bailey‘s Nantucket wedding inspiration shoot. The first part was all about the details and decor. The second part is all about the couple climbing into their rowboat to sail off into their forever – reminding us that after the wedding has been all said and done, a bottle of wine and a beach blanket is all you need to unwind and enjoy your first day as a married couple! We’re getting all kinds of excited for Summer now… and perhaps see a week-long getaway to the adoring island in our future.

boat wedding send-off

The sign on the back of the boat says, “We’re wicked in love ya’ll” mixing both New England and Southern sayings.

beach engagement shoot

nantucket engagement shoot

The seascape is so romantic in this lighting and beautifully captured by Trent Bailey, right? Thank you to all the talent involved in creating this shoot. Any Nantucket-bound couples are sure to find inspiration in this shoot!

Photography: Trent Bailey / Design and Styling: Desiree Spinner Events / Hair: Stacey Kuehn / Makeup: Katrina Hess

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  1. Looks so relaxing. Wish you could ‘beam me up Scottie’ so I could be there right now! 😉

  2. That last photo is so beautiful!

  3. GORGEOUS! OMG!!!! I love his work!

  4. Oh, we’re in love. Cape Cod and Nantucket can’t be beat in the summer, and the idea of rowing away on a sunny day fills us with warmth and kisses. What wonderful work!

  5. B E A U T I F U L Shoot ! lovee the last picture:X Dreamy

  6. Very Romantic Pictures! Absolutely Gorgeous

  7. Gorgeous pictures!!! Where did she get the bathing suit? Stunning!!!

  8. The photos are brilliant! Can I share the last one on my blog?

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