Industrial warehouse day after shoot: Nick + Brandy

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Let’s say you don’t leave for your honeymoon until 2 days after your wedding. What to do with that first day? You know. The day after your wedding. If you’re not nursing a major “headache”, and you didn’t spill anything on your dress, how about doing it all over again? The dressing up part that is. We love this idea. Especially if the time at your venue is limited, you don’t want to leave your guests during your wedding, and want stunning photos of you and your Mr. The two of you aren’t stressed about time, your photographer can help you find unique locations to shoot at, and it’s fun!

industrial warehouse day after shoot

Wedding gown, hair, makeup, heels and all, Nick + Brandy ventured out to take photos at the Old Silk Mill in Easton, PA.  Near a rusty fire escape, dirty allies, broken windows, paint peeling off the wall – this spot was perfect. It didn’t matter if they had to walk over floors covered in broken glass or tip toe across unsturdy floor planks. Feeling so comfortable with Douglas Benedict behind the camera, N + B succeeded in one-of-a-kind day after photos.

industrial warehouse day after shoot

industrial warehouse day after shoot

From Douglas, the photographer…It was perfect. They are a beautiful couple – Brandy was just stunning – and juxtaposing them against the grit and grime of that abandoned site was just fantastic. We worked in large spaces that have been open to the elements for years. Rain fell through portions of the roof while we worked. We had to be careful where we stepped because we easily could have fallen through the floor. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. Most importantly, Nick and Brandy have exactly the photos they wanted!

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jillian nicole {uniquely chic events} on Jan 10, 2012

What a cool space! And so fun that they were able to do a Day After Shoot! That's something I really wish we would have squeezed in!

maryli on Jan 10, 2012

The space is so cool and she is gorgeous - it's like an editorial shoot from a wedding magazine that is too awesome to actually exist.

cjANE on Jan 10, 2012

Beautiful! What a fantastic backdrop for such an artistic eye.:)

Amy on Jan 11, 2012

I LOVE juxtaposition, especially when it comes to bridal. It's fantastic!

Judy on Jan 12, 2012

WOW!!What a special and unique place!!!It's amazing!! It has an ancient taste!!

25 mg lexapro on Jan 12, 2012

Big story!

Jacquelyn on Jan 13, 2012

What a space! Beautiful imagery!

Tim Duncan on Jan 24, 2012

That dress is stunning! She looks so fierce! And this place is so beautiful in pictures!

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