28 Nov

On sale now in the Pop-Up Shop: Happily Yours by Carol Hannah

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If you’re a Project Runway junkie like we are, you’ll recognize the name Carol Hannah in a nano-second. In the last few years, she’s made a name for herself in the bridal world with beautiful gowns and bridesmaid dresses alike. We’re super excited to announce the launch of her brand new line today, Happily Yours!

It’s a ready-to-wear collection of simple, sweet gowns and accessories that are especially friendly to any budget (starting at $626!). We love the concept (natch!) and are thrilled to be able to celebrate the launch of her new endeavor with an awesome sale in the Pop-Up Shop this week.

There’s nothing like a juicy discount to make right now the perfect time to choose your wedding gown, right?! And even better, if you’re one of those fine ladies who’s waited until the last minute to commit to a dress… no worries! These are in stock and ready to ship. There’s no 6 month waiting period or 4 rounds of fittings. Just choose your size, place your order and have the hem tailored by your favorite local shop. Easy breezy.

Pop over to see the entire line now!

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  1. The drape of those gowns is gorgeous! Can’t believe some are under $1000!

  2. Adorable gowns and if ask my favourite gown then it is second one.

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