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Hi everyone! Amanda, here. Tim and I just got back from our dreamy Italian journey and had such a magnificent time!! I thought I’d share some photos and tips from our trip for those of you that are starting to think about your honeymoon (or for those of you that just need a mental vacation!).

Italy, of course, is one of the most romantic places on earth so it is the perfect spot to spend some time with your new hubs! Katie from Ever After Honeymoons helped us figure out the perfect itinerary that fit in every city we wanted to see. I’m not sure we would have coordinated everything as smoothly if she weren’t involved, so thank you Katie!

We started our trip in Venice, the honeymoon capital of the Italian romantic heartland. And yes, romantic it was..

venice honeymoon ideas

We spent a couple mornings on a trip through the Rialto Market…a big, open-air market with loads of fish, vegetables, spices and tourist merchandise. A great place to pick up some tomatoes and fresh herbs to cook with if you have access to a kitchen and want to save a little money on food. We rented this cute apartment through and had a comfy place to relax after our daily adventures.

venice honeymoon ideas

Venice is such a lovely city…we meandered through the corridors, stopping for a gelato or to take in the bustle of the Grand Canal. We had quiet dinners at osterias in dimly-lit squares at night, and just reveled in every moment. Eating well in Venice is quite easy to do, especially if you stay away from the touristy restaurants near much of the Piazza del San Marco. Restaurants that have photos of the food displayed anywhere scream “tourist trap!” so don’t waste a precious meal there. A stylish lunch at the Osteria Enoteca San Marco was cozy and delicious. Dinner highlights include Osteria Boccadoro and Antiche Carampane, both of which are a little tricky to find, but worth the trip through the maze!

And of course, a little ride in one of the gondolas was in order. The price was a little steep at 100 euro, but the experience was so memorable…seeing the city from the canal view, snuggled up to my man, and feeling like a celebrity as the tourists above you frantically wave in your direction. So very fun! Nighttime was our favorite part of the day, where the tourists are few and we felt like the city was ours..

Stay tuned for more adventures, continuing with our trip to Lake Como tomorrow! xx

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Social Love

Katie | Ever After Honeymoons on Oct 17, 2011

Looks like you two had a blast!! Can't wait to see all the goodies from the rest of your Italian getaway! XO

my honest answer on Oct 17, 2011

Oh that ice-cream looks divine. In fact, I'm heading straight for the freezer...

Pingos do Céu on Oct 17, 2011


100layercake on Oct 17, 2011

My honest answer, I think I will join you!

Julia on Oct 17, 2011

I JUST got back from Italy as well - our final stop was in Venice (aka most romantic city ever) and on Thursday night, right in the middle of Piazza San Marco under the lights and the moon my boyfriend proposed to me! Now I can scour this blog with planning a wedding on my mind!

100layercake on Oct 17, 2011

Julia...CONGRATS! What a magical place to get engaged! So glad you are finding inspiration here to plan your wedding!

Sarah Jenks | Nutrition Coach for Brides-to-Be on Oct 17, 2011

Looks like you two are having a glorious time. Makes me excited for my honeymoon coming up!

Samantha- Woodlands Wedding Photographer on Oct 17, 2011

OMG I can't wait to go there! This looks absolutely amazing!!!

Ayana on Oct 18, 2011

Romantic Venice!!!! Love to go that place again one of this best place ever! wish i could come again..

eva on Oct 18, 2011

My city, what a city! ... glad you loved it, it is such a different Italy, a magical place, you can't find anywhere else.

Chloé on Oct 18, 2011

I had a rather embarrassing time in Venice (camera in canal = Chloe in canal) but it looks like Tim & Amanda are a little more careful. Can't wait to see the rest of your adventures.

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