4 Aug

Cakelets, it’s time to wrap up our Jess + TJ wedding coverage and talk dress! Considering this was such a personal experience for our bride Jess, we figured it would be best to leave the dress chat to her. Alright, Jess, give us the scoop – you have us on pins and needles awaiting to hear how you and the talented Suzanne conjured up such a dreamy dress!

One of my very favorite parts about the whole wedding planning process was creating my own dress and working with Suzanne of Atelier des Modiste. It’s something I would recommend to every bride simply for the fact that you get to create the exact dress you want in any style, using any fabric. It’s also a sure way to get a dress that is totally you (plus it’s less than half the price of most name brand dresses). From picking out all the gorgeous fabric lace, to adding the fun detail flowers, and even to her adding a gorgeous embroidery over my heart on the inside of the dress – it turned out to be such a fun process and the result was nothing less than perfection!

custom wedding dress

I really can’t say enough fabulous things about Suzanne! She completely understood my vision, and somehow (even though I was not like this for any other aspect of my wedding) I trusted her to spin up the dress of my dreams! The chevron, ruffled look was directly inspired from a dress I brought in as inspiration, but really, everything else came from her imagination. The entire fitting and creation process of getting a custom dress made was probably one of my favorite aspects of the overall wedding planning experience.

custom wedding dress

custom wedding dress

The entire experience was so personal, from Suzanne helping me pick out the most perfect sparkly Miu Miu wedges to pair with the dress, to her hand stitching our initials right over my heart on the inside of the dress. I highly recommend going the custom route not only because you come out with a perfectly fitted gown that looks exactly like you dreamt, but also taking a budget into consideration, even with an unbelievable amount of time spent hand stitching my dress, it was still less expensive than a Vera or a Monique, and it was one of a kind!

Talk about the dress of your dreams, right? Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and fun experience, Jess! Want to recap our week-long coverage of Jess + TJ’s wedding? Check it out here, here, and here.

Photography: Gia Canali / Dress sketches: Suzanne Hanley of Atelier Des Modistes

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  1. Bravo to Jess for going custom with her gown! Couture is truly an art form and sadly, one that is slowly fading! Working with brides and helping them achieve their dream gown is truly what we designers dream of too, and it’s so wonderful to hear what a positive experience Jess had! I hope more brides have the faith in designers to inquire about their couture services and impart their personal style to create the perfect gown!

  2. I can’t stop staring at the back of her dress! it’s stunning. What an experience to have a custom dress made.

  3. I do live the dream of designing and making gorgeous gowns for lovely women everyday! Thanks… I am very blessed:)

  4. I actually saw this dress last night in your real wedding post, and fell in love with it instantly! It’s gorgeous, very unique but without sacrificing any style. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  5. This dress is stunning! What a beautiful design… it fit and her and her event perfectly.


    all i see are cowboy boots. i feel robbed.

  7. I’m not sure it’s true that brides don’t have faith in designers to create custom dresses. This kind of dress is wildly out of the budgets of an awful lot of brides.

    I’m genuinely happy that Jess and JT had a beautiful and meaningful wedding, but enough is enough.

    We’re in a recession here…should we still celebrate weddings? Absolutely. Should you feel guilty if you happen to have a huge budget to spend on a wedding? I don’t think so. But there’s something to having discretion and a measure of sensitivity to the fact that a LOT of people are struggling right now. Can we go back to some simpler weddings now?

  8. The dress is AMAZING! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Can’t stop drooling! I live in SF and when I discovered Atelier des Modiste is IN SF I nearly fell on the floor. I am going to give her a call ASAP! Been engaged for 2 months now and can’t wait to find my dress.

  9. I agree with Amanda. The dress is very nice, but the bride’s comment about price is the true test: she says it’s less expensive than a “Vera” or “Monique,” so we’re still looking at a very pricey dress! Please return to simple, hand-made celebrations, not ones that cost a hundred thousand dollars.

  10. I feel like I need to third Amanda and Carol. I find the suggestion that this an option for those “taking a budget into consideration” to be slightly offensive. The dress is beautiful and I applaud the bride and the designer for creating such a beautiful gown and keepsake but this is NOT an option for most of us. We all take budget into consideration but those on a REAL budget simply don’t have this as an option.

  11. East Side Bride,

    During our field day two days before the wedding my husband to be tackled me during a game and I actually sprained my ankle- so the day of the wedding I went to put the ankle strap on my sparkly miu miu wedges and I couldn’t strap them :( so I wore the cowboy boots instead- but Gia has a great image of one foot in one and one foot in the other!


  12. This dress is absolutely beautiful! Loved hearing about the process.

  13. I also wore a dress by atelier des modiste this summer and can echo this post that Suzanne is an absolute dream to work with. I agree that it’s silly to call this work a budget option, BUT if you are considering a dress in the $3k+ range (+$500 more in alterations), which, let’s be honest, is not an insane amount to spend these days, Suzanne is a better choice and you will get a more beautiful better tailored dress for your money. Future brides- don’t be fooled by this post to thinking you will get a “hot deal” at atelier. Suzanne has to charge for the imported fabrics and time and energy (4-6+ fittings) that go into her dresses. Expect to pay $3k only for her simplest designs and $4-8k for more detailed dresses.

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